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      The Greatest Love


I was just trying to deviate from too much boredom when I got into this website. I do hope you would appreciate my own love story though it appears to be lengthy. Please bear with it.

I could still remember how everything happened five years ago. I was on my 2nd year college life when the youngest professor in our university came. He was just 20 then and currently taking up his Master’s degree. He was sought to be the most eligible bachelor in the campus because most of the female students were after him. Even my closest friends used to have a big crush on him because of several reasons; he’s a very good looking man in all aspect and considering the fact that he was teaching the most difficult subjects such as Calculus and Physics. Then one day, we heard the bad news that his girlfriend died due to some medical malpractice. It was the most painful day for him. He was mourning for the death of his loved-one that was with him for four years.

Most of the students and teachers then were trying to cheer him up and helped him to move on to what he was feeling then. And I admit, I was one of those students. We tried our best to make him smile everyday by inviting him to have lunch with us, watch movie sometimes, attend someone’s birthday party and the like. Due to these bonding moments, I fell in love with him. I tried to veil the feelings but every time we were together, I can’t help myself not to fall deeply for him. I did it because I believed that he will not feel the same way for me. But I was perfectly wrong. One time when he invited me to watch movie with him, I was surprised when he gave me a real kiss while watching. I was shocked at that moment and eventually became speechless. He said that he loves me but he was just hiding his feelings because he knew that it was wrong. He was my teacher and I was still a student then. Upon hearing this, I was the happiest girl that time.

But before we went home I admitted that I also felt the same thing for him. Then we had an agreement, we will push through in the relationship but we promised to be so discreet especially if we are in school. During those times, he showered me with so much love and care. Every time he got his vacant period, he never failed to send me sweet nothings thru texts. There were also instances that he used his power as a teacher by asking somebody to look for me just to go to his office as if he will ask me to do something. He just wanted some “silay” as what other people say.  I viewed everything that going on between us was perfect. He even promised that we will get married once I reach my 24th birthday. Though there was no ring, all the things that he showed to me proved how much he loves me then.

Like any other love story, everything did not end with a happy story. We eventually broke up after 2 years of being together right after I graduated. He confirmed to me the gossip that I have been hearing then that he got somebody pregnant and he was about to marry the girl. I was totally torn when he admitted to me the truth. He said that he doesn’t want to marry the girl because he doesn’t love her; and it was me whom he truly loves. But he was more concern of the child; he did not want the baby to be called “bastard”. So my greatest fear happened, he decided to marry the girl and left me. We were both crying while we were talking then and felt like dying.

I tried to move on from this heartache all throughout these years by making me so busy with my work and pursuing with my graduate studies but sometimes, fate is not always in favor of you. We accidentally bumped off to each other recently in one of the LRT stations. I just wanted to say my simple hi and “musta ka na?” after that, but he insisted if we could eat together somewhere. And I agreed, the moment that we sat together in the restaurant he held my hand and looked straight to my eyes. He said he is not happy with his life and showed to me his ring finger. I was a bit surprised when I saw that he was not wearing his wedding ring. He said, he just wore it the moment that he was at their wedding ceremony. I was crying when I heard all these things from him especially when he admitted that he still loves me. I wanted to be numb but I don’t how to. We separate our ways with too much weight on our hearts. I know we are still in love with each other but we could no longer be in each other’s arms because of his commitment. I guess I just have to continuously bear the pain and just reach him in my dreams. 

I wrote this story for I was assuming that you may learn something from my own experience. So I ask, how much sacrifice can you do for somebody that you truly love? I hope you will eventually like my story.


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