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      First love,last love


This story is like most. i was just dumb and fell for a guy that wasnt even worth thinking about. it was this past year when i meet kaylor.One day we became friends and started to talk and text for hours.i told him i liked him and told me he wanted to get to no me more.three month later we became very close.but i made that stupid mistake that i really regrate.i gave my best friend brianna his number and they began to text and talk alot. at this time i had my phone tooken from me so we didnt talk much.she sat with us at lunch,i saw they began to hang out more and i got really jelous and really day i found out,not from brianna,but from my other bestfriend lexxi that there going out,i felt like killing someone.i felt my world turn upside down.i knew i loved him because i cryed for days.ever time i saw them together i die inside alittle more.i coundnt believe they did this to they are broken up and i dont talk to kaylor. me and brianna worked things out.i just wish me kaylor could have worked..


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