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      A Beautiful Evening


After the second long day of breaking my ass it was finally time. It was 3:30 on the mark I was ready to get home and make it happen. I told joey beforehand that I had to be home at 4:00 however, I did not tell him why. Although he did not ask, this lack of a reason caused a shift in priorities. After patiently waiting, we got in the truck at 3:35. Joey looked at the time and then the back of the truck, back at the time and then to me

“Do you think we need to make a dump?’

I kept staring at the mounted digital clock, a sense of panic growing inside me

“Do what you think is best.”

He looked back at the clock again and then put the truck in gear

“It’ll be all right, the brush should pack before we get to the street”

The truck backs up and pulls on to the unpaved road. Right as we reach the street he grabs his wallet

“What’s 9 times 16?”


I mutter, my eyes still fixated on the clock. Joey hands me a wad of cash as I stuff it into my pocket, next to the mint leaves. When I managed to yank my eyes away from the time I look up to see a GIANT coming into view

“Can you make a stop at that GIANT?”

“What for”

Quickly thinking on my feet

“I want to pick up some flowers for my mom before she gets home, you’re the only one that can take me before that.”

“ok but you might be late.”

“that’s fine”

I knew at this point things would not go exactly as I planned but all I could do was cross my fingers.

“I’ll keep circling around until you come out”

“Gottcha “

I am halfway to the door as soon as my feet hit the ground, I knew I had to be quick or this evening was going to be a disaster. As soon as I get to the door I look to my left “shit” the pharmacy just closed, “that’s ok I have extra’s.” I run off to my right, spotting the flower section up ahead. “blue, blue, blue her favorite color is blue.” Then I spot them, blue tiger lilies, “perfect”. After grabbing the flowers I run off to the fruit section. The lemons are on sale 5 for 3 dollars “wonderful”. I bag the lemons and head off to be checked out. “I jolt down the line of registers “Full, full, full, full, damn it why do there have to be so many people at the GIANT today”. I reach the self-checkout “good there’s one open”. I delightfully oblige the checkout station and fill its vacancy. I quickly scan the flowers, weigh the lemons and pay the bill before shooting out the door, almost forgetting to grab my change. I see joey’s truck rounding the corner as I emerge from the store. Upon hoping in his truck he asks.

“Whats the lemons for?”


“sounds refreshing”

“indeed it is”

Excluding some of the dialog and events between me and joey we arrive at my house.

“make sure you get some rest after a weekend like that ok”

“don’t worry I will”

The truck just begins to pull away as I enter the house. I run up the stairs shedding my clothes as I go. I expeditiously soap up in the shower, dry off and get my evenings attire on. I just had enough time to get the flowers in a nice blue vase with some marbles before I spotted her coming through the woods in my backyard. I descend the flight of stairs in no time flat. There is a gentle knock on the backdoor, I stand there and catch my breath giving it some time so as not to seem too eager. I slowly open the door still struggling to regulate my breathing and come face to face with the most beautiful sight I have had the pleasure to see. The ability to form coherent sentences is stolen from me for a brief moment. After a few seconds I finally settled with

“Well hello there sweetie.”

“Hey there hunny”

I step out of her path letting her in as I give the door behind a push and turn to face her. Grabbing her hand and looking into her eyes

“I have a few surprises for you tonight.”

We lean in and kiss quickly.

“As do I”

I lead her up the stairs, presenting her with the flowers

“Oh hun you know you did not have to do that”

“How could I not, with a girl who is so good to me”

“Well the feeling must be mutual” she pulls out a Flash drive wristband

“oh my gosh”

“you will never be able to lose this thing, you wear it on your wrist and the drive is connected to it by a retracting cord and its water proof when the cap is on.”

“its absolutely perfect, thank you so much.”

We embrace, just this moment was worth all the preparation in the world.

“I love you so much babe”

“I love you to hun”

I did not want the moment to end, but I knew it had to, for we only had 5 hours together.

“hey while I prepare your other surprise why don’t you take a seat and check out this new computer game I acquired, its portal 2, I knew you liked the first one and they were having a sale on steam and I thought I would give it a try”

I head into the kitchen prepare her favorite drink. Over the course of this week I have been experimenting with different types of lemonades. So much so in fact that 13 poor lemons lost their lives to it. I have to admit that I cheated a bit (sorry babe) buy using premade recipes for ideas. However I was the one that added the special ingredient. The recipe I used was one of honey and ginger. While working a yard I saw a patch of mint plants. It occurred to me that this would be the perfect ingredient to make this lemonade out of this world. so I snapped off a few and snuck them home. We continued to talk about many things as It was steeping. Once it was done I started to pour it into separate ice filled cups.

“Hey hun can you make mine a little sweeter”

“Don’t worry all you have to do is dip your finger in it and it’ll sweeten up just fine”

“your too much”

“I try”

She places the laptop on the floor as I take a seat next to her and hand her, her cup.

“Would you like to hear some of my stories”

“I would love to”

I read some of my shorter stories to her and a few poems as time stretched on. When we finished our lemonade there was silence, but this was a beautiful silence. We had to have spent ten minutes just basking in each other’s company. With my arm around her shoulder I pulled her closer, as she leaned in even more and we ended up lip locked in the most passionate kiss I have ever experienced in my life. Time seemed to last forever as we shared this moment. When it finally came to an end we were both speechless I wrapped my hand around hers and stood up leading her forward we went up the steps into the guest room. I made sure we took our time, because what one has to understand is that if you rush, it becomes about sex. Love is not something you can rush in to; in all aspects of it. **sorry the nitty gritty is just for me and my girl**

She just laid there; her head on my chest, my arm wrapped around her. She could probably hear my heart beating, and feel the rise and fall of each breath I took. I felt as though I didn’t need anybody in this world but her. There was 15 minutes left before we had to get ready to depart and we spent every second of in this quiet blissful moment.


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