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      Did i do the right thing



This is a story of my life, my love, a person whom i wanted to be my life partner.

We were at school when we were little, at that time we didnít know each other but when we started knowing each other I fell in love with her but didnít told her as I was afraid that she might cry and I donít want her to cry for any reason .I could not sleep at night, just thinking about her.

When someone talks to her I felt jealous, because I have never talked to her till then, after some days I started talking to her but not much. But one day an unusual thing happened ,adding with my name her name was written in the school blackboard ,I never told anyone about my love I wonder how they knew ,still then I could not got the strength to tell her ,so I became silent ,but could not sleep thinking If I wonít tell her then how will she know that I love her ,with all my strength I told one day and she accepted my love .

I felt like I was the most happiest person in the world. But didnít knew, she was in my life for a short period.

The seed of separation started when she went for a project work , she often called me after some days I could felt the separation a little bit but couldnít believe ,that why didnít asked her .Before coming back she just gave a hint that something is there which she wanted to tell me ,that day I didnít knew the real thing but I couldnít stop my tears .After that the day came when she said that she never loved me and she wanted to say it long before and because of my personal problem she couldnít .

That day was my lifeís worst day when I lost the most precious person of my life,I felt like someone has wide opened my chest and took my heart out of my body .I couldnít understand why this happened why she couldnít see my love ,I let her go out of my life because I felt that she was not happy with the relation and I always wanted to be happy with me or without me .

Even if this happened I donít blame her because there must be some lacking in my love for which she felt that this relation couldnít go further.

To me love means to see your partner to be happy and I did the same ,whatever may be my condition but I allowed her to walk out of my life so that afterwards I can see her happy .

Did I do the right thing?


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