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      Broken Angle ;(


well im a girl and i fell in love once too. im only 13 and people say that 13 year olds till 18 years olds dont know what love is they may think that but they dont well they are wrong because i feel in love and i knew the feeling it felt like heaven me always smilng when im with him or around him it was special. he use to stalk almost everyday he really liked me and i liked him but i never showed the feelings. he only wanted one chance but i made him wait because i was hard to get or thats everyone thinks. but i finally gave him a chance and the longest we lasted was 2 days. after tht many boys asked me out but all i could say was im not over him my first true love. he broke my heart and may have gotten over it in the next 2 minutes but it took me the next 2 months. how pothetic. but happily i moved on and now i got a perfect loving boyfriend.


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