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      Sickness. the tougth and him


My name is Samm yes im only 17 but you know when your in love, the moment i looked into his eyes, the first time i saw him, bumped him spilt my drink on him was only two years ago but my have we been through a lot since then.

Me and my boyfriend started of well and then the pressure from other friends pushed us apart when we were not ready to do or say some of things that people our age exspected that pushed us to actually break up, but we were drawn together ,each other like magnets we gave us another shot but alcohol took over his life just to much and as soon as we left our comfort zone of our tiny village i guess that one girl well she obviousl just had lips that were desirable.

I was there i saw it and to cut this memory short we broke up we cryed he realised his mistakes and literally got on his knees i just couldnt give him up, i wish i could move on but i,i just couldnt.

we got back on track and were just a normal happy couple who had made mistakes but we learnt from them and we couldnt have been better.


claire is my older sister out of knowere claire caught meninjitus when we thought that claire was back on route claire was having brain strokes and was rushed to a speacial hospital put on many drugs and a life support they removed part of her skull to relive pressure on the brain and then into acoma.Knowone new if she would live, or,die, and it was time like this that we needed family the most but out of everyone my love was there for me the most, he would wipe my tears when needed, come over at any time even if i didnt ask him to, help me with college work when i was falling behind he was the one that i could really open up to and not just me but my ten year old brother really needed him, my dad spent alot of time at claire bedside as you can imagine and My brother Max really appreciated my love keeping him busy talking to him.

Just when it gets better i got iller.

Claire was moved back out of intensive care to a hospital for rehab and more checks and constant attention.

I have always had problems with my leg at first it was muscle problems then weight problems bone problems and then they removed a cist from my knee and then a phonecall, a phonecall to a life saver someone that notcied cancer.

Cancer, when i heard this word the first thing i though was "my hair" i know thats bad but then it became more serious if they didnt remove the Tuma then i would die, doctors are not soft they are blunt straight to the point.My precidure was removal of a tuma and a knee and part bone replacement the man that did this had only seen this type of cancer 3 times in his 25 year job. i wanted to talk to my parents about how scared i was and how nor me and my sister and my family didnt deserve this. my love was the hardest person to tell because i new it would hit him hard and i new i was putting pressure on him already

I rang him and said it as straight as i could and as quick and i could and his words were. " im ready " i had said to him that if i needed kimo i wanted to seperate and not put pressure on him or put him through it and he just said shutup im in this with you.

After my operation my love would ring me or see me everyday and say that claire is doing fine and update me even if someone already had updated me he would cheer me up when i thugh nobody could.i came home, and he would see me nearly every day he would not go out because i couldnt


Ronan is the name of my beautiful amazing strong boyfriend he had A level exams and me to handle at once and that is amazing this boy has been through it all with me he was there for me my family much more that anybody else and i will never be able to make that up to him, we have talked about University and his shocking words were " if we make it through uni i would like to marry you" thats a if, when i think about what weve been through it make me tear up and i love him so much

tommorow i find out if i need kimo or radiotherapy and he said hes ready for the results no matter what i couldnt ask for anyone better and even if we dont have a future, my future will always have his memory, through the tough and the bad and the great and the romantic we are planning a weekend away just me and him and he said not to far from Claire if only his friends new he rreally isnt a "lad"


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