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I have been loving the same person for 7 years now.. He has been my friend almost my whole life.. We fell in love when we were 16, my parents thought it was unwise to be in a relationship at such a young age so they intervened and succeeded in breaking us up.. But before that we made a promise that when the time comes that we can finally stand on our own two feet, we will fight for our love.. We went to different schools in college and rarely saw each other for 4 years.. For some reason we lost contact.. During that 4 years i had another relationship with someone my family accepted.. Someone who loved me a lot.. However, in my heart i always held on to that promise.. After graduation, we met again and started to hang out frequently.. Thinking it was our cue i decide to break up with my boyfriend for almost 3 years.. However i was terribly mistaken for when i finally confessed to that guy my feelings for him he told me that he doesnt want to mess things up.. He just wanted to be friends.. But up to this day.. Im still hopeful.. Still waiting.. Id rather be alone that to be with someone other than him..


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