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      Will you ever be mine.


Will you ever be mine?

Actually I met my love three years ago but I did not recognize his love towards me because I was so cool and I was bored of love, I did not know what love is. I was bored of love because in life I havenít seen true love I was suffered by the cheating of men. But this man came in my life and proposed me. I tried to live with him cause my heart tells he is the person who could give me all the happiness that I dream , I was waiting for someone like that , very successful educated and understanding caring. I know love canít happen at a first look so agreed to be with him till I love him. But it was my teenage, was serious with him, but I donít like his appearance. I tried to love him but couldnít. But I know one thing he is very special and worth for me, I connected him with my family as I agreed to marry him. But the man with whom I had the relation troubles me, so one night I met him to explain that we both cannot be together, but when I was sitting his back in motor cycle my love saw it, and he thought I cheated him, he thought I still had relation with him. I was so regret but he did not trust me. And he left me and said he was sorry that he came in between us so live my own life and he went away. I tried to contact him but I failed. I concentrated on my studies focused to build a carrier as he suggested me. In my collage after 2 years I spent alone den I met a guy who is younger than me. I made him as my companion to fill my loneliness den he fell in love with me, but I said I donít love him but I kept a relation with him. I dated him, he loved me truly but I tried a lot to love him but I could not, I did not like him, he is not my life. I just need him as a friend. I continued my studies, in the last 2 years I tried to contact him but unable and den one day when I tried I contacted my love, I said can we meet he says when he is free he will call me, I was waiting. And then he called I said I will meet you with my sister whom I have appreciated to him, he was glad to meet her, but he did not still forgive me. But he promised my sister he would give her a laptop. She was so happy, and that day he gave us some gifts. I was glad to meet him, but after that no response I donít know where he lives he just said he got a great job and live somewhere else. den I thought it is impossible that he would come in my life, den it was time for me to marry cause my parents forces me to get married then I became helpless and thought whom will I marry. Den I did not c anyone, den I thought of him and asked him but he ignored seems that he did not trust me that or thinks that I donít over him, den I thought to marry the boy I had the relation. He was poor and not matured but deeply in love. He managed somehow and we married horribly. All my dreams vanished. I did not get the dream come true. It was a compromise. I did not get the real happiness I married him that he could finance my studies that my parents refused to do. After 3 months financial problems came and difficult to live. His earnings were not enough to pay the rent and manage expenses. I got fed up. And for one of my brother was searching for a job I remembered to call my love maybe he can help. Den I called h and asked and he told he can help. I was so happy, and den we again started our connection he asked me did I love him I was confused what to sad, I was feeling guilty that I did not marry him, I said when time comes I will say it. He asked about my life, I lied I did not have the courage to say that I was married. And den once he visited here he called and said he want to see me. I could not refuse I invited to our home. There I was with my sister, he came and when he saw me I felt his true love. His eyes glittered and shined with a sweet smile. He had dinner, he was so cute and nice, and I was impressed. It was very meaningful the way he looks at me. I was very happy. But den I felt that I am cheating so I terribly said I was married. He was stuck. It seems that he has lost everything. I asked to pardon me. He told not to worry about him he can control himself. He went by saying that if I need any help in life he will be there for me

I felt so bad and sad, I was feeling very guilty. I talked him called him

. He called me n my sister to know how happy I am. I just told him I am not happy den he asked my sister and he knew everything. He was so sympathetic and very kind. He tried to keep me happy all through by sending me some gifts and he helped me a lot and my sister as well. He visits to c me rarely. I started falling in love by realizing his deep love. I realized that he is my love. I said I love him den he said it is so late I said it he was waiting for me 3 years to say that I love him. I never know what he did in three years where he was, I did not asked him anything. His love was enough for me. I was feeling so happy. I said him I was going to divorce, we could not live together, and he was not my taste he helped me to think more. I had no any other choice finally my parents wanted me to get rid of that life and start a new life. I thought in many ways and decided I had to divorce, den he provided me palace where I and my sister can live. He did not stay there but used to visit. Den after getting divorce I stayed in his accommodation. First I felt very difficult to adjust but later when he cared me all through I feel so happy. He made me happy in all the ways. I loved him so much that now I am unable to forget hemi love so much that even when I sleep he is in my mind, and den I said we should get married he refused said that he will marry me when I complete my degree only, I became tired thinking that when will he marry me. Thinking day and night made me so depressed, I feel so lonely when he stays somewhere and visit me rarely. I miss him too much. He did not even talk about marriage he acts like he is my husband and when I ask him does he love me he said I can feel it, he showed me it but never said. He takes care of me and fills all my need in every way. But he was such a busy person he has very few time even to talk to me over the phone. I feel happy thinking that whenever he comes back he will make me so happy. I even used to sleep with him rarely, when he come. Days passed by the way, den he shared me everything and one day I used his password to login in his personal face book id den there I saw some girlís sayings about him. They have tagged him as their dad in their pictures. I was shocked was confused my heart was broken. For more than two weeks I cried that why he laid me he should have told me the truth I will be happy. But so many questions in my mind I was so sad, waiting for him to answer my questions. and when he came to me , I asked can I say something he said yes, den I asked by looking into his eyes do u have children den he was surprised , suddenly asked who told me, I said I saw from face book. Den he said I look after them only they call me dad. They are cousins. But I was sure he is lying but I left it I became very sad he lied to me. And den when I shared that with my best friend she said that in her office one of his daughter works. I asked to ask about her dad. She told 9 years has become his mom and dad separated, divorced. I was so sad he hired me the truth. Sometimes I think he did well for me and maybe he hesitates to tell me, maybe he is afraid to lose me. But I am so confused, what to do... I need him, I love him I can accept his family .my friends recommend to go for an another relationship but I am unable I love him and I canít even talk to a guy I feel if I do that that is unfaithful I want achieve my love, tell me what to do....


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