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      A Confession of a Woman who Loved


She was self-assured. She treated me as if I was her sounding board. We were beside the soothed street sitting near the street lines. And she began telling me her love tale…

I met a guy. He’s neither really that gorgeous nor the type who can easily procure you in cash or kind. He’s got good figure and he talks back flatteringly. We kicked it off from being mere textmates (I spent most of my texting time with him) until we decided to see each other vis-à-vis in a park which was the heart of the town square. We talked about a lot of things…personal, emotional, spiritual, physical…name it and we would justify. He was indeed like an embellishment added in me as a dish that made me feel a real human.

It was our first meeting together…alone…as one. We were two – him and me – but we were united in concord. Whenever I gazed at his sweet kinky eyes, I couldn’t explain the feeling deep inside me. I felt so comfortable…more than that, I swear….so esteemed…so secured…so joyful…when I was with him. I was truly then star-crossed with him. How about him?

We parted ways smoothly…as smooth and as shiny as the well genteel floors in the office where I was working at. When I arrive home, I was enigmatic. I stared on my computer screen and thought back the happy moments we were together. He made me laugh…cry…sing…dance…talk…and the best thing was…he made me feel a person who needed someone to be her buddy.

I befriended myself. “Is this feeling real? Do I love him now?” These questions were like lightning and thunders which kept on echoing in my mind. It was just our first time to see each other then I was already in love with him? That’s weird! I lolled in my bed while thinking properly the answer to my personal queries through the commands of our conversations a while ago. WAS HE FEELING THE SAME WAY TOO?

Then, I realized, finally, I did. Why would I push myself to someone whom I believed wouldn’t love me back? Why would I insist myself to him if he himself felt the mutual attractions? Do I need to tell him I loved him? What if it would be the cause of ruining our built relationship below the category I was dreaming of for us? He didn’t like me. I was but a friend for him. Stop dreaming! Full if illusions mammal!

Then…global silence rested in our midst.

We know already that LOVE is far beyond FRIENDSHIP and INFATUATION. We need to observe the actions and behaviors of anyone we adore much if they do in return to us. Love is not in a hurry. Love will always be there. What we need to do is to let anyone we admire much see, beyond compare, our feeling with sincerity and earnestness for them to personally appreciate us and move first. Love waits. The more if it’s true.


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