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      Our love story that faded away


There was a boy whome i met in freshman year of high school. He was a friend a companaian he always conforted me when i was at breaking point. He was the only boy that made me smile when i cryed he was a good friend. He liked me at the begining of the year. His goal was to make me smile and laugh everyday. I told him about every boy i liked at the time and i could see that in his eyes that be was tearing apart. Yet he still smiled and tryed to help me out. when a guy i liked broke my heart he would come and hug me he almost broke the other boy arm because he hurt my heart. I was to ignorant to relaize the love he had for me. I took it for granted he waited for me but then he left doesnt love me anymore. Now i love him we still talk, we still see each other in class and the hallways. We are so close but miles apart when ever i look him in the eyes i see empytness. He changed he cant stand looking at me because i broke his heart he doesnt want to be reminded. Now he likes another girl and i know her and i still smile like he did. I helped him out like he did. Now i have that emptyness in my eyes because i was stupid enough to let a friend as good as him slip away. Now we are very very far away and we are losing contact slowly we dont want to be reminded of what happened. The love we had for eachother is now faded


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