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      You think you know


You know when you have someone special in your life, they mean everything to you. You know that if anything happens to this someone, you will fall apart. You know people always tell you it will be okay. You know no matter what people say or think, you will not be okay. You know time will pass you by, and sooner or later it will fade, but never completely go away. You know that you will think about it, because it will stay in the back of your head. You know you loved and lost. You know no one will ever replace what you had. You know you will cry. You know life goes on. You know life goes on with or without. You know you take things for granted. You know you should not.

You know I had everything? You know I was happy. You know one day something was taken from me. You know I cannot get it back. You know what it felt like?

You know I stand where you are buried. You know I loved, but still do. You know, one day we will meet again. You know I will never forget.

You know it hurts.


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