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      My so-called love


I'm young, so I don't know what true love is, but when I met this one guy, he seemed like everything someone could want.

I met him through a friend. We automatically clicked and started dating. We spent just about every waking minute that we could together. He was the best friend I could ever want. We dated for almost a year, just shy by 16 days, when I decided that I was going to give him "all" of me. It happened and it was one of the most spectacular memories I could ever have. We were even more in love than ever before. Then summer came, and we thought, we're young we should be living it up. We broke up, but couldn't spend a moment apart so we started dating again. School started again, and we started hanging with our friends again since we thought we needed to be around them more since we didn't want to be secluded from everyone. One night at a dance, he didn't talk to me or anything, so out of a fit of rage, we broke up. After we broke up, I was so terribly heartbroken, but I tried moving on. We have mutual friends and sometimes hang out. We don't always talk because he tells me how I bother him. He's not the same person that I used to know because he's into all the bad things that could do wrong. I try to help him, but he won't listen. I still do care so much for him, but I'm moving on and cherishing what we did have. I was in love with the person he used to be not the one he is now.

Even though he tells people different, I know deep down inside he still has some sort of feelings for me. I just hope one day he'll realize what he's lost.


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