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      He is my obsession, he is my hearts content... & I need all of your Help


I am 21 years, i am married girl and i belong to maldives.

i got married in this year april with the guy i was with for 2 years. now he is my dear husband.

Any girl will dream for a life partner like him, so loving & caring. Before meeting him my life was like a hell, can say this world gave me all tears i havent seen a true happiness but he came and made my life worthwhile to live.

After marriage also no change came in to him but from my side i was doing something very wrong. i was making him trap, i want to keep him in a jail cox i have fear of loosing him for no reason. He is faithful man. but still the fear of loosing the happiness from my life make me craxy, i dnt want to loose him and return to a hell again. I need to live, live happily with him but just read below what is in my heart & mind to my husband.

There is non other as him in the world, he came to my life and changed it utterly. He kept faith with love so well. but now if any1 turned her face towards him, it would be a disaster for my heart. i cant bear anymore to think there might be sum1 who devotee herself to him like i do, forget sum1 touching him, even the thought of someone mentioning him is unacceptable to me. He is my obsession, he is my hearts content. if this is madness, yes i am, no matter what anyone says

but my this feelings my this obsession is making problems in our relation. If a gal call or just smile at him also i get craxy. but i tried to stop all those things. i tried not to get angry on him for those things but i cant stop that, i tried and tried but again and again i fail.

I submit the story of my life to get ideas form all of you, because my husband said my these behavior may lead to more problems to our relation, and i neva want these problems to lead to a divorce.

I hope you would help me, i am sure there are so many, who lived my life and survived later. I need help.


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