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      Concerned and confused


... the danger of being lonely is you easily fall for the very first person who shows you that you are not alone ...

this is really true. found this site by accident and thought of sharing this story here hoping that i could get positive response from the readers.

this is my bffs story actually. shes my bestfriend since highschool. shes now 29 yo, big and very much lovely and seductive i must say - i didnt over praise her just because shes my bff -- thats the truth even guys would say that. just wondering why she doesnt have a boyfriend up to now.

shared her very shocking revelation just few months ago. said shes having a hard time understanding her life, being her and all. NBSB - no boyfriend since birth as she is... i dont know why, shes very pretty... well, shes kinda big, and guys arent into big women right? she loves to love, shes even in love with the idea of love! all she ever wanted to meet someone responsible enough to accept her for who she is... and love her. told her to just wait, coz obviously theres always someone out there for her. she said its okay, the problem is... shes been thinking of sex lately... i mean even before... CURIOUSITY as i told her. she even watched porns before.

she even said she wanted to try those things already. shes just too afraid to have it with someone not deserving... she knows all the right and wrongs of it... its just that she cant get that thing out of her mind. she tried everything.. like she diverted her mind into something.. involved herself into sports - but to no avail. coz everytime she will be alone, she will be thinking about it again and again... pervert? i dont think she is..

there was once, she met someone online and obviously they did cybersex -- for fun she said. but the thing is, she didnt know shes slowly falling for that dude already. obviously that guy is just into sex. they met once, in a public place -- thanks goodness and said nothing happened... not even kissing... and up to now shes still waiting for that dude to come back -- he is working somewhere far..

done giving her all the advices i know to stop her nonsense love but shes so hardheaded sometimes... all i ever wanted is that she will make up her mind and that she will meet someone to marry, someone who is really for her, who will love her - not just play games with her...

up to now, shes still textin and callin me asking WHAT TO DO... its always like that... almost everyday... and my answers are all the same. i pity her. i just cant say she needs to see a psychiatrist!

well, thats all people. i cant really go into MORE DETAILED words... i just cant ....

i just wish her WELL


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