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      It came out of nowhere and ended out of nowhere.


This all started at the mid-year of 2009, It was at this royal show they hold in Adelaide every year. I went with my best-friend and some of our guy friends. We got there and met up with the rest of the group then for the rest of the day we went on rides and played games etc... I was with my other friend and her boyfriend cause we wanted to get show bags and we were walking towards there then my friends boyfriend see his guy friend and his girlfriend a my friend and I just kept walking towards the show bags cause they were selling quick and my friend boyfriend catches up with us. Then later on we finally got our show bag and met up with the rest of the group and then we went some more rides, then it was getting late and everyone went their ways and my mum was waiting for me my best-friend, her boyfriend (my god brother) and my friends boyfriend (my other good brother) and my brother and we were all hungry so my mum stopped at a pizza shop and ordered pizza there. When the pizza was finished we were all eating and talk about how great the show was, My other god brother was asking me “if I saw that guy near the show bags” I was all “ nahh I didn’t see him properly, why is that?” then he said “oh cause he wanted me to give you his number. ” At that time I was kind of dating someone but nothing serious and all, but I was thinking to myself ‘didn’t he have a girlfriend? Cause he was with a girl.’ Then I asked my other god brother “doesn’t he have a girlfriend?” and he’s all “yeah, but that doesn’t mean use can’t be friends.” I was all “that’s true” but really, I wasn’t interested but what the heck it was for my god bro, so... I got his number and my other god bro said “you should text him just to say that you got his number and shit” and I was all “yeah I will, when I get credit.” Then we all got in the car and went home.

A couple of months later my other god bro and I were planning my friends (his girlfriend) birthday party and during that my god bro asked me if I texted his friend and I was all “ohhhh nop, never got credit and I forgot why is that?” then he was like “why man, text him now. He’s a good bloke just do it” So I said I’ll do it, but really I didn’t cause I feel bad cause I was with someone, but that night when he reminded me I did manage to suss his MySpace page and at that time everyone here had MySpace, so I checked it out and I noticed he was still with the girl and I’m like “mmm okay then” I really wasn’t interested and besides I had someone so I didn’t text him but I still had his number in my phone just forgot it was there.

My friends party past, my papa party past, my best-friends party past, then I broke it off with the guy I was with because he wanted to do stuff with me that I wasn’t ready for and yeah I didn’t like it so yeah then it was my mums birthday/new year’s party past and it was finally 2010 and I was a year 11 AND IT WAS SUMMER!!!!!. I was really excited for 2010 I wanted to start fresh, do really well in my school and that was my goal. It was the second week of January it was all about Facebook, Facebook this, Facebook that blah blah blah. Then I got I random add from a guy. He looked so familiar but forgot from where, at that time i thought he was one of those guys who add you because they think your hot, cute etc... and I didn’t want people I didn’t know and as soon I was going to delete him, I saw that he was good mates with my god bros so I was all mehh okay I’ll accept you only cause you’re really good mates with my god bros and there I didn’t write on his wall saying “thanks for the add” I just accepted him that’s it.

A couple of hours later he wrote on my wall saying “hey, thanks for accepting me. I don’t think you remember but we met at the royal show last year, really good mates with your god bro, how are you?” I just stopped everything and I sussed his Facebook page out as soon as I saw that. I was freaking out because I didn’t know this guy at all. I was going through his pictures, posts, status EVERYTHING! But nothing I didn’t remember him at all, especially at the show because I didn’t get introduced to anyone that night. So I said to him “ohhhh yeah I remember you, at the show hahaha yeah. I am good and yourself?” I only said that because I didn’t want to be rude and say no… I don’t remember you, I never met anyone at the royal show last year. So I left it. Then we were talking for a bit then I stopped because my parents and I were going to beach at night for a walk along the sand and get ice-cream and relax with the summer breeze. I was in the car heading to the beach and I was going to send a message to my friend and as I was going through all of my contacts to her name I went across a guy’s name. I was thinking to myself ‘wait the guy that added me on Facebook has the same name as the guy I in my contact’ I just kept thinking, My god bro gave me this number at the royal show last year, the guy on Facebook said he ‘supposedly’ met me at the royal show last year and they both had the same name and the guy on Facebook had my god bro on Facebook too. I also remember my god bro telling me to text it but I never did, so I decided to text it just in case if it was him…… and it was. He was so surprised that I texted him and asked my where I got his number from and I was all, it’s a long story and from there we started talking and all.

Since then we got really close and he asked me if I liked soccer and I really liked soccer so he asked me if I wanted to go with him and I was excited so I did a couple of days later him and my god bro came and picked me up and went. It was really sweet that day, he made me feel really special. A few weeks later and we started to hang out more, we went to the city and took the sticker photos and we went to this Italian festival that made my day cause I’m not Italian, I’m Spanish and I love going to cultural place and that day was so fun apart from a group of girls that kept giving me daggers like I’ve done something but I didn’t let that ruin my day. After that he took me to the beach and we walk along the jetty together like such a couple and I was happy. Later I noticed that someone texted him saying “hey, how are you? Haven’t seen you in a while, I saw you at the Italian festival, who was that girl with you?” It was kind of obvious that the girl wanted to know who was, but I felt weird and I thought to myself ‘why did she wanted to know who I was?’ but I didn’t let that get to me.

Then later on it was kind of obvious we were seeing each other and then come Valentine’s Day, that day made me happy. He took me to the 3 beaches and a romantic dinner and then we went for a walk on the jetty and finally he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was so happy I didn’t know what to say and I cried and said yes. That moment was the happiest moment for me. We were finally going out and he met my family and I met his, he asked my parents if it was okay to if I could be his girlfriend and all this stuff, it felt like everything happened so fast. A month later I found out that he was good friends with my primary school best friend and I was really happy because I haven’t seen that girl in years so it was good to catch up with her and all.

Another months pass and I start hearing all these rumors about my boyfriend’s ex wanting to bash me and hated me and I didn’t know her at all, then I found out that she was going with one of my other other oldest god bros. I was happy for him because it was his first girlfriend and stuff so i go to add her on Facebook but at that time I didn’t know who was my boyfriend’s ex and me being nice I add her. She declined me and inbox me saying “why would you add me?” and I was all, oh well you’re going out with my god bro and I wanted to meet you and stuff so I thought I might of add you. But no she declined and I was shocked so I was all okay then. Then later on I found out that my god bro was going out with my boyfriend ex. I was really awkward because I and my god bro didn’t talk for no reason. So that was weird, then a month later I found out that my primary school friend was getting really close with my boyfriend and I didn’t mind it at first but then when I got told that he was visiting her at her house and stuff, I got annoyed and upset and I talked to him about it and he said it was nothing so I thought it was nothing but everyone said that they look like a couple and stuff but I didn’t want to listen to it. I and my Boyfriend were going so good, I didn’t want to mess anything up. We were fine until one day. he texted me saying we had to talk. I started to freak out I didn’t know what I did, what I was doing I just wanted to be with him.

He called me and we were talking, I was getting nervous and he said that he wanted to be friends because he’s feelings changed. My heart just sank and I felt torn apart, no one can explain that feeling of hurt. I was all “okay then” I didn’t want to cry with him on the phone. My mood just went from happy to nervous to dead. I didn’t know what to do. I was in love with him and just to just get hurt out of nowhere is the worst feeling ever. No one should feel they way that I felt that night. It was the worst night of my life when I was about to hang up on him I let everything out, I cried so much that I think he heard me. That night I cried myself to sleep, I was really down. I wasn’t hungry, I had no motivation, I just stayed in my room by myself just thinking with mascara going running down my cheek. When I told my mum about what happen she started to cry with me, she saw the pain in my eyes and said to me ”my baby girl, you are beautiful no matter what, if he didn’t want you then the only thing you could do is be strong and stay positive” I was heartbroken for the very first time. I didn’t get over it for heaps long. When everyone knew about it they hated him for what he did, they didn’t know why he did it but he did. I didn’t tell anyone that we were no more because I didn’t want to go to everyone about my problems I just kept it to myself. I didn’t really speak to anyone either, I just wanted to be alone most of the time.

When all my girls found out, they all came over comfort me and I needed it that, I needed to be with my girls and just be with them. A few months later after the brake up I started to get back on my feet and feel strong again, yes I was heartbroken but I had my school that was more important and I needed to focus on that. Then I found out the my god bro broke it off with my ex’s ex. I felt bad for her so I thought I might of talk to her and feel better. I helped her get strong again after a few months but when I found out some new that I did expect just torn my heart again. I found out that my ex was going out with my primary friend. I was again torn into pieces, well yeah I still had feeling for him because he was my first love and you can’t forget your first love, it’s something that that’s never going to leave you. I didn’t cry or anything I was just hurt again but I didn’t let it get to me so this is what I did I tried to avoiding the places, parties, restaurant’s etc were I thought they would go. I remember that I saw them once together at a shopping center and that made my heart hurt so much I went to the nearest bathroom where I cried and an older women was in there and she was so kind and gave me a tissue to wipe my tears and said to me ”Why are you crying my dear? You’re too beautiful to be upset, what’s wrong?” yes I know that’s kind of weird, but I told her who I saw etc and she looked at me and said ”Awwh darling no need to cry for that, yes you love him but you got to move on, there many boys out there, maybe he wasn’t the one and a better one will come for you trust me.. you just got to wait” the old random lady was right its been awhile now I got to get over him and since then I haven’t seen them and that’s good cause I don’t want too and I don’t need to.

I have gotten stronger, after all that I just felt like expressing my story since I really haven’t and its good to let something out then to hold on to it forever. i no this might sound a bit weird but I should thank my ex cause till this year (2011) I wouldn’t of have the confidence I have now when I speak to guys. I have fun along the way. I’ll always remember what the random old lady said to me and what my mum said to me. To always think positive, stay strong and got to move on, and now I added always have your chin up and smile because there’s nothing greater than that. Ohh and another thing according to people have said to me my ex has changed he’s got kicked out of school and is really big (chubby) and doesn’t do anything besides eat and be with his girlfriend (Yes their still going out) and my primary school friend well she got kicked out of school too and doesn’t work or do anything, apparently my ex’s family doesn’t like her and doesn’t accept her but they can’t do anything about it and also she went back to finish year 12 this year but got kicked out again and yeah that’s it I know.

And me well let’s just say I am strong, positive, moving on with my chin up high and always smiling no matter what. Thanks for taking time to read my story, Just though i might of let it out.


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