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      Too late


I met this guy one day (Kenn) and we became really close friends. Eventually he met my best friend Claire.

Me, Claire and Kenn became best friends, but Claire and Kenn became closer, and I became further.

One day I realized that Kenn might like Claire more than a friend, so I asked him, the next day he told me that he did like her. He asked her out and she said yes, so I became sort of a third wheel, but I was fine with that. Later I became really sad, I didn't know why exactly, but I was sad. Claire thought it was because I was jealous and I was but not because I was a third wheel or anything like that, but I realized that I liked Kenn, I loved the way he laughed, the way he looked, his smile, his sense of humour, just
everything about him. Then I realized that it was too late, he chose her over me and that's my story.

I am alone and sad now.... with nothing to look forward to but sadness.


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