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      Love is pain


i fell in love with this guy named tyler we dated for two years he was my world my every thing my best friend we started out as friends we told eachother everything and one day outa the blue he ask me to his girl and i said yes and the first year we dated was amazing i would not trade it for anything we didnt fight or any thing untill the second year we dated he meet my best girlfriend we were really close then one night me and tabby stayed at my grandmals alone and tyler left me that day for her and some kinda friend she was she said yes i was so mad i lost the man of my dreams and my best friend that day i cryd for two mouths i didnt eat for the first to weeks and i didnt come outa my room the hole time i went to school and back i didnt talk to any 1 just did my work and kept to my self everyone tryed to get me to talk to a counsaler but i didnt want to i cryd all day every day even when i was at lunch and when i was doin my work i never stoped cryn untill i desided to pull myself together TYLER MY FIRST LOVE


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