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      A story of love


We were a people of peace and magic but we were still a young race and our planet was to be destroyed soon. A rain of meteors that even our magic could not stop from knocking our planet out of rotation and into our sun. We have not yet developed antiquate space travel but our Eckanar priest was able to send the souls of our king and queen Malikia and Ateena through space to a habitable planet. Ateena was born in Jan of 52 in Colorado by the name of Arlene her family then migrated to southern California. Malikia was born a year later 53 in San Diego California and was named Michael. They reunited in 56 and even though they were just children they had their first kiss with each other the magic was still strong enough for them to know each other and the bond of love was very strong. In 58 Malikia was moved to Pennsylvania with his Mother and step father. Shortly after Malikia left Ateena was killed and did not return until sep of 68 in Germany one of a set of twins her name was now Teena. Ateena and her family migrated to Pennsylvania the magic was bringing them back together again. They finally met again July 4th 87 but there was a huge age difference of 16 years Malikia this time being the elder. They did know remember each other from before but there was strong magic between the two. They got married in Reno and every where they went magic was all around them. Then Malikia was already using magic that was within him seeing visions at times though he was in his 30”s he was still young when it comes to knowing the use of his magic. But he seen visions that he was told he must let Ateena go away that there was a prophecy to be filled she was to have a child not of Malikia’s seed though Malikia knew the magic of the unborn child that was not to be born for over 15 years but Malikia must wait patiently not even being told all the specifics just that he was to let his love his soul mate walk away and not try and stop her from her destiny. Now it is 23 years later the magic child is finally 5 Malikia stayed away all this time but now the time has come for the rest of the story to be told because the entire story has not been revealed to Malikia just that he now dreams about Ateena in sleep or waking moments but staying away not wanting to disrupt things. Will Malikia and Ateena finally get back together for good or once again are they going to be kept apart?


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