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      Tean Dream


My heart aches so much missing you I ask you to listen to the music; it speaks my words. You know what I believe in, I see visions for a reason and 23 years ago when I saw Anna in a dream and knew what was to come it hurt more than you could imagine. I knew you were my soul mate, my love through the ages. I loved you more than words can possibly say; I loved you enough to let you go when the time came. I donít remember the other lives we spent together in love and enjoying the things in life together. But I live in this lifetime now and I know how much I miss you. Even though we have been apart for more than 22 years now I never stopped loving you. Our friendship and our love last forever even though we missed out on so much in each otherís lives. Now at least we are in contact with each other somewhat again but living separate lives. The fleeting moments we get to spend together I cherish but there is so much I want to share with you that I have gone through in life while we were apart and so much I want to hear about you and what has been going on but the time passes so quickly when I get to see you. Sometimes I think that when you left I should have chased after you that our love was meant to be no matter what the odds were against us. But I believe in what I do for a reason and it was not meant to be and the magical Anna was not to be my child and we were not allowed to have this time together. The time has passed and the prices that were owed paid and now I see different visions of us together again even though it seems impossible. Now I guess it is time for patience and see how much magic the power of love has. I miss you and it was not right to separate us so maybe they will help in getting us back to where we belong so we can grow old and see life together again. I miss you Teen Dream!


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