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      Love story unknown


Like every good story, this one starts with a boy. I met him in high school, and we started dating two months after I graduated. After a year of dating, this guy decided he was going to go to school in a different state, three hours away. However, we wanted to stay together. Right away, he knew that he didnít want to stay there, but thought it would be best for him to finish out a full school year.

Half way through the year, he came home on a break, and in this time, we went shopping. While we were out shopping, he surprised me by buying me an engagement ring. I told him that I didnít want to make anything official until he moved back into town so we could be together.

Hereís where the story gets really good. Around that same time that he was off at school. There was another guy. Guy B was perfect for me. He was handsome, strong, funny, and could sing a grizzle bear into a stupor. We went to collage together and after classes, we would sometimes to down to the river and just watch the sunset and talk under the stars. However, I still had the vision of that engagement ring in my head, and whenever guy B started asking about guy A, I figured there was no shot there anyways.

As if the plot wasnít thick enough, guy B went and joined the army. He was gone for almost a year and we talked all the time at first. As he got further into his training, we grew further apart. Well, right after guy A left again, from buying that ring, guy B came home. He surprised me with a visit at my collage. I was so happy to see him. That is, until he told me he was engaged. He said he didnít want to be alone anymore, so he asked his on again, off again girlfriend to marry him. She was all wrong for him. She had even cheated on him during the time they were together.

It gets worse, two days before guy A was supposed to come home, and one week before guy B was getting married, guy A called off the whole thing. Out of the blue, he sent me a text message saying it was all over. As soon as guy B found out, he called me and told me that he had liked me the whole time we knew each other, and just didnít say anything because of guy A.

Heartbroken, I sat num at guy Bís wedding with a guy that would go on to treat me horribly. It was the hardest thing Iíve ever had to do. I know that we would have been amazing together, but instead it has to be a love story unknown. He and I still talk often and he tells me that he wishes he could know what it would be like to be together. I hate seeing them together. Itís like Iím trapped in this nightmare and we both need to just wake up and be together, but I know that wont happen.


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