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      Never know what you got, till it is gone


We met in November, the leaves had changed so quickly. I never knew true love until I met you. I was young and foolish, I never really knew what it was that I meant to you. You swept me off my feet and there we were, two young kids falling in love, just me and you.

You took my hand so gently that I never knew what hit me. I danced around my apartment, singing: "I will marry you!"

Until one day, I thought I never really loved and I didn't need you. You held on, until the very end. And I don't blame you, but this message I send. I will always love you and this is true, that my heart will hurt until my very end. Several years have passed and this I only know, that still this day I am very much in love with you.

You are still my friend and this I hold true, that I will never forsake our friendship, like I have forsaken you.

Yours only and forever, Beth....


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