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      I loved her, you loved her, i love you!!!


Hi, my story is not somewhat ordinary story of love and heart ache. I am a bisexual girl who fell inlove with another girl. For 7 months all I did was love her with all my soul and with all my heart. I just found out last month that she had girlfriend which in my understanding, she replaced me with this girl. She has personality disorder which she always used as an excuse for all her foolishness. She said she didnít really love the girl, she just needed a companion.

I was riding on a bus and I couldnít help but cry hen that fact came to my knowledge. With so much of pain, I didnít know what to do, so I texted the girl, her name is sarah, the girl she replaced me. i didnít know why I did that, maybe I wanted to confront her though I have no right. She replied after a day, when I already have calmed myself. I realized I shouldnít enter their relationship anymore; I should go away now so it took me two hours to think if I should text her back, I got her number from my exís phone. But I decided to introduce myself and asked her not to mention it to my ex.

I thought she was happy with her, I thought they were alright, but then I realized sarah is hurting too. I told her, I didnít know the reason why I texted her, I said that as my notice that I will leave their lives now, and stop talking to her also. But her response made me changed my mind. She said it was because it could help us both, to accept she was gone with our lives.

We continued texting each other though it sounds so absurd for us talking that way. That time I was really lost, I loved my ex that much and I couldnít find any reason to wake up every morning knowing sheíll never be mine again.

One night, I was down with depression, sarah texted me after a whole day of not talking to me because of our schedule. Our conversation went to my having a short vacation in our province. She asked me to pass by their house before I go home. It was just less than a week then when she invited me, I hesitated at first but I accepted her invitation and I went there that weekend and had a sleep over for a night. Take note that we hadnít seen each other that time, but we came to that idea, me being with her.

Something happened that night to us, but it was just me who first initiated it, weíre both drunk then. So that was the start, I fell inlove with her. Out common ex didnít know about us, and she didnít want her to know about this, sheís afraid to lose her, because until now, she loves her, and my ex still love her too.

After a week I went to her house again, and yes, we did a lot of making out. I spent half of the holy week there. My feelings just went so strong that I came to the point of begging her to be mine and leave our ex. But what she said killed my heart, she said she can do almost everything for me but not one thing, and that is leaving her to love me instead. She said she loved me but not as much as she loved her, and sure enough, she couldnít live without her.

For now, I donít want to stop seeing her. She said weíll stay this way though we have no commitment. I donít know what we mean to each other now, but I love her enough to sacrifice taking the pain just to be with her.


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