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      I cant believe


Hey everyone. Thanks for allowing me this chance to release this pain. We met young. In our mid teens. Hes a year younger but lived a much more fast pace life than I. Yet it happened we fell in love. Oh I question if it was ever really love for him and youll soon see why. Twelve years we were together on and I said he lived fast and had legal troubles and silly me stood beside him through that as well as anything else. We lost contact for a bit of time..Id just turned 21 and seen him on the was like Id never missed a day of his time never passed and we fell back into what was us. A year had passed we were expecting our first child..and he was cheating with God knows who...i miscarried and handled the whole emotional torment alone. I left him for sometime..years even and he sought me out and yet again I couldnt break his hold..couldnt forget the feelings behind the very first person id ever loved...even now Im closing on three years of us not being together and the tears still steady fall. So we gave it another go. Correction i carried the relationship as far as i could on my own but not before an engagement to be married and another pregnancy that has given me the greatest i could ask for. And much like the miscarriage i gave birth to my baby girl all alone. He split and has no part in her life. I use to believe he was my soulmate. I never thought this would be me.


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