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      ALexa story


As for everyone , there are some few people who can make your life better , you feel the right sense of security, joy Ö at this stage word canít explain the felling . I felt it several time but after it became just a story with an unhappy end , there are a lot of reasons behind it : you became for one second friend without knowing each other as much as you have to, you make a lot of promises that you canít keep in Ö At the end there is a separation , no one recognize the other and life goes on .

But today it isnít the same itís different , Alexa grew up , she see things from another way . She felt for the first time an add . She joined a high school , new girl so she had to know someone . She look up in the class and her eyes stop when she saw two beauty .Let me introduce you those persons O.H and E.H : modest persons , twins without sharing the blood , helpful, faithful ,cheerful Ö The list is long . In one time , she known that she found the person that she were dreaming of . she try hardly to remember their first meeting , it was maybe something beautiful , boring , who knows ?? they were taking the same classes , shy persons, she had to make the first step . she introduce herself , she kept talking until she saw them laughing . she enjoyed the moment . Day after days , their relation took the next level they talked much better for a shy persons . All what she were thinking of is this friendship ,she were optimistic . Alexa use all the ways to know them , skip blocks but it was difficult for her . Stubborn , she didnít give up .

After several months, itís the same , nothing new . there was a cold period , she knew new friend : Enjoyed life . Summer became closer and closer . At the end of may, most of the students were absents . So she took her marks , begun the summer . No more contact between Alexa and both girls , each girl was enjoying her time , her world . Alexa took a trip to Asia for almost one month , she were busy . September began , school also . For the first day , they were exited for the meeting , everyone gave a summary of his summer . Later, they enter to the classroom , the teacher give them the planning for the year . E.H and O.H were too , they were happy for the reunion , they exchange some words than they left home . This year , it was a bite different , she was doing much effort , she got award . She makes them laugh , smile -The friendship is so great , nothing can replace it- At this time , Alexa was ready to do anything for theĒ famous girlsĒ . However, she couldnít find her place belong to this community , they were rejecting here , painful all road seems dark . E.H and O.H were carefree or leaves appear it . They werenít liking much noise , they just need their little dose . After that , they are disturb but they show nothing you have to figure it out alone , hard no ? thatís true .

In the first week on April , it was a party in school . Unfortunately, E.H couldnít come , she was helping her mother . The morning left , Alexa , O.H and some other friends went out for the lunch . The afternoon wasnít as expected , there was a sentimental reign . Alexa was there seeing a dramatically film .

Some weeks after, the final exam rang , Alexa was called to pass it . For two days , she was in full of concentration . She did her best , satisfied. The summer begin but this time she will still in contact with the girls , at the end of the same month it was E.H birthday . She will be 17 . Some days after , Alexa and O.H chat in the net and decide to make a surprise for E.H birthdayís . They to send her some stamp collection . The idea became real and she received it in the middle of July . Then , O.H went on vacation , no more news until September

Alexa also enjoy her summer with her parents . It was good enough .As every year , the meeting was marvelous, some were taller some bigger Ö E.H didnít know the anonym sender of the letter but at the end O.H confess and tell the truth . This was the last year in the high school . Time was running so fast that the first semester spent without memory . Alexa was so busy with her exam . But was always free to make noise and joke with the fake twins . She really find herself in it . She expresses how much girls are precious.

Suddenly ,at the end of December E.H told Alexa that she will ignore her for the next semester for no reason . Alexa lost in her thought . She felt on an earthquake . She wasnít expecting such as this attitude certainly from her . Alexa didnít give much worth of E.H speech and continued as if nothing happened . One month later , the same speech , maybe harder , Alexa fall down in depression with no answer . Is it going to be the end of an optimistic friendship ? Alexa donít have the keys anymore .E.H was in comfort , carefree , did she think one second about Alexa ? Why friendship is so hard ? Why we can move on in those situations ? The situation had no change , until E.H recover her lost mind . She became the same , maybe better . Without missing the anonymous help .

O.H was there for Alexa, to help her , to encourage her , no one can replace her . You can rely on her : she is altruistic . She was , is and will be smiling . Optimistic , and try hard to donít disappoint her circle . Alexa liked all the moments and always wanted more and more . Sometimes , O.H got in depression alone with no reason , thatís make her a mystery , a beautiful one . One other thing , she feel , know but never show .

About E.H , look so much about what other think of her . See herself as useless person , that was definitely wrong . How can you define her as useless and she never refuse services ? It was maybe just a way to develop herself . She has a special smile , specially edited for her . She isnít curious at all , she canít see far from her noise . She enter quickly in Alexa heart , unfortunately there is no exit .

Friendship is harsh, Alexa was ready for the fight but it deserves? She think yes . Even though if the friendship was broken. She wonít blame them , she did what she were apt to . She didnít regret . So We shouldnít wait or accused the other for what we have done for them . If we done something it to show them that they can rely on us , no more . In the opposite we have to trust them , let them fell secure , and avoid what disturb them .Life is too short to make her full of conflict . Take pleasure itís the right point , donít matter how it cost . Live your life from your corner . Others judgments wonít help you , it just make you confuse. And remember listen to your heart , and donít let down your friend . Finally , Each one assumes his decisions and he is the owner of himself no one have to decide for him .

What can Alexa promises ? She will do the impossible to keep them near to her . They make her life sunny , it the minimum Ö We donít know what future hide , she hopes thatís wonít be just a fantastic story but a reality


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