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      How jesus change my life


When I was born,

i hardly know,

but I am made specially in Jesus eye,

I am so happy that Jesus came to died for me

and taking my sins away

Thank you Jesus,

you are on the throne,

you are the healer,

you had a plan for me,

so open my eyes oh Jesus,

I need to see you.

Thank you for preparing a place in heaven,

where there no grief, there is no sadness, where is no violent, no sickness, but peacefulness.

Thank you Jesus, may other see that you truly loved them and thank you Jesus for preparing a place for them, thank you for loving them and taking away their sin, may they rejoice in you Jesus, that they are specially made, that you loved both normal and handicapped people, thank you Jesus. Help them to be more like you such day.


hope that you will find healing in this humble poem.


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