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      5th of july the best n worst


it all started when my cousin was getting married , i was happy for him but i hated his fiance , i had to go to her house to pick her up with the groom , n i didnt really pay attention to him , but then n there he fell for it deeply .

i was sitting on the table with the groom and wife they both left for thier first dance n my other cousin was sitting right beside me n der was dawid he sat next to him n just kept starring at me as my dress was low i thought that he was starring then i lifted my head up n saw the shine in his eyes i asked "you okay " n he gently replied " yhyh am fine " then we slightly had a converstation although it wasnt that open . then his father camee along n sed luk what a beautiful girl mary her ! he got shocked n thats when he walked out n took my brothers out they all walked in with smiley faces . i asked what is going on y cousin sed come lets go dance n then he told me that dawid said as soon as he saw me i left him speechless , that he never saw a girl like me , how i look like a beautiful princess like me , how this is his first time feeling somehting in his heart , n how i was the first girl he was shy to come up 2 . then i had a smiley face n just kept on spotting him starrn wiv a realli sad face , we went outside all he sed was wah shud i do to make u go drunk den i walked in , he followed me n sat right opposite me n sed so wen we gnna i sed later he sed when is ur later i sed tomorow , but stupid me didnt noe he wudnt cum tomorrw , i remember the song that was on n he stood beside me and gently sang to it .... what broke my heart was that he didnt even say goodbye just walkked like nothing happend that day for 10 months i waited for him , prayed n wished to see him or speak to him agaiin but there was no sign , i cried evryday , remembering the words he said , watching the wedding video n pausing where he was just to have a look at his smile , i kept dreaming of how happy we would be , but then noo happy endings dont appen n den i remembered how my brothers ruined it for me to n sed he has no right to tlk to meee !!!! NOW HE DECIDED TO SHOW UP JUST WHEN I DECIDED TO MOVE ONNNNNNNNN !!!!


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