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      Escape and drawn back


In a pitch black night i stumbled upon a great life changing boy and he took my heart and crushed it. It was not something i could understand but i tried my best. He was something out of this world and i loved that about him. Every night he made me feel special and good inside. And the nights of pleasure are something that could come out of a book. The way touched the way he kissed it was heart blowing and yet i felt hollow for this man was not what he seemed. I found myself running from the truth the ugly truth that was my lover. He not man not human but monster and still o found myself going back into his arms and slowly drowning in his sent his skin and the way it felt under my fingertips. I could not get enough of him for he was mine and no one could take him away. “Let me take you right here and now my love, let me make you feel right let me make love to you” He whispered into mi ear and i was his without a second thought. I fell into a deep sleep full of pleasure and pure wight desire.

This was made up by me and i would like to know what you all think


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