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      You only want what you cant have


Its has been a year, a year of learining that failing is possible.

I have always been the type of people who does not know how to fail. Not that everything comes easy to me i just know if I try I usually can accomplish anything.

I have never failed in anything, highschool I was alway one of the most popular, fitting in, parties I love it all. Yet I the only thing that I have ever failed at was LOVE

I met my highschool sweetheart, or what I thought would be my forever husband, boy I was wrong. We ended everything so bad why? to be honsest I dont exactly remember.but it has been a year yet im still hanging on.

Funny thing is we live in a small town and its been a year I have not ran into him once. I hate how much it bother me when people talk about him. I love hearing about him,I have no idea why but i get my hopes up thinking I might see him again and he would come back.

In reality Im not sure if its been so long that I have made him into something greater than he really was and I only want what I cant have, or it could be a sign that there is some purpose why I havent ran into him.I dont know wheather im in love or not but i cant live like this anymore. God, it has been a year please give me a sign :( i


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