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It was April 7, 2011. I got an operation again on my right leg. This time I was bit nervous. Cause I was fully aware about my life this time. I was waiting on the table of the operation theater after I moved on there from ICU. Doctors were really so cool when they arrived. One of them took my hand and injected me a liquid which was really burning like hell. I thought its may be antibiotic or something because I was waiting for spinal anesthesia. I turned my face to the doctor and tried to say its burning but it was off.

In five seconds I tried to open my eyes. I was in ICU where I was waiting before operation. People were running so fast. Two of them were my father and my elder brother. I asked them is operation done!?! They replied but I didn’t hear. Not my question too that I asked. I felt my right leg is in pain. I was trying to see the people in the room but was not clear to me. I was trying to move my body but was succeed a little. I asked myself am I dead?!? I thought may be! Soon I tried to say prayer to Allah in my mind though I failed to complete. Then suddenly I just stopped my mind. I thought, “Allah, so many people I left in this world”. I tried to think about them. And you came to my mind first beyond all of my friends and family. Even I didn’t think about you a bit before my operation. You were so sweet to me there. I can’t remember what you were saying but it was sweet. Little bluish you were. Your relentless hairs were going nuts, touching your lips, cheeks and the rest of the body where they can get. I just opened my eyes more widely to find out m I really dead!?! Same people were moving around. This time they were bit clear than before. I felt my leg again. It was still in pain. I was trying to move my hands and I did. New hope came to my mind of being alive. A doctor and my father came. They were discussing about my next steps like medicines, exercises, payments etc. Finally I realized m alive. It was the anesthesia. The most expensive drugs couldn’t give me such ecstasy I guess! My soul was talking. Yah my soul loves you and missed you when it was leaving. It was only you whom I hate a lot.

Now m so ok! Lying on my bed. Waiting for release. Although little bit drowsy. But m writing in my cell phone. I just don’t want to forget the moments like a dream. I just don’t want to forget your sweetness to me what I felt on my deathbed. I just don’t want to forget that at the last moment of my life my soul found you first to start remember what I left in this beautiful world! It was real. It was the best ecstasy I ever had. It was YOU…


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