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      Never enough


He was just a friend. A boy in my grade nine class. Come grade ten we talked more and more, till one day leaving class I caught myself thinking "do I like him?" But it was HIM, a friend,it could never be more.

By the summer we were talking on the phone often, I found myself anxiously awaiting his next call, before I knew it I liked him. I could not see it coming and continued to push it out of my thoughts. Then, the traveler that he is, he left for italy. Each time I heard of him, or saw a picture of his trip it felt a crushing in my chest. Breathing was impossible, so again I blocked him out.

Five months later he returned home and we met for dinner. The moment I saw him i knew that everything had changed. I ran into his arms and knew I never wanted to let go. But alas he was a friend, and I could not bare the thought of losing him. I felt as if I could not tell him for fear that he would run. So I just smiled.

We now talked more than ever, every night for 3, 4 hours we talked on the phone about everything and nothing. Little things like art, travels, and the love of the name Madeleine for a daughter pushed me deeper and deeper till there was no room for anyone else in my heart. There was only him.

One day, while chatting with a girlfriend she mentioned that had liked me from grade ten till the end of his trip-the time in which I refused to see that I loved him. This was both the worst and best news I had ever gotten... he had liked me!. But now I can never stop hoping that someday he will like me again.

Today we are still best friends, we talk of every thing and nothing... except for one tiny detail. I am still completely and irrevocably in love with him.


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