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      “The Carpetbagger”


“The Carpetbagger”

-(The killer of all the women)


David Adam Seader

The buildings at the end of “November Rain.” The Rape. The

Carpetbagger Jon.

The carpet, the buildings in, the rain he made fall. Jon wanted the

carpet, and he didn’t care about the buildings. He wanted the carpet,

he wanted November.

His own month…he could own.

My son Nicholas, the writer, called him a “nigga,” as they used to call African-Americans, who were slaves, and tried to escape, and go upwards. Nicholas didn’t go in to film – like his father – he respected – Jon wanted to carpetbag – the South answer. “Doggy,” the Jew – to – Christian (Rome), Greek, Egyptian…the white trash, as they

called them…his son could have. They always said schoolboy – if you had parents who could “pay” for a top 100…happiness.

“November Rain” had already been made, and released, and everybody loved it…they lived by it. Jon wanted to make his own, and have everybody live by it…until his buildings fell. So he gave up…but it

was too late.

He didn’t care “November Rain” wasn’t a rape…he thought rape was the better answer. He wanted to control with his…so they controlled him, so he could learn the difference. He didn’t want to understand – he wanted to carpetbag, and he raped. He learned from Sam or Sammy, to

his friends – who warned not to teach, so he did…and he raped.

He raped so far…he raped, and raped Natalie – a building worth money.

The people looked, and cried – whether they believed – or not.

The buildings were raped – when the carpetbagger Jon raped – taught

by Sammy – they did love Natalie though – and L smiled.

When Jon the Carpetbagger started – he decided – he would start, not, the opposite of “November Rain.” He would King George it – as they

said. Jon was the King of “not.”

“It’s not – but it is…he didn’t understand why lying about what he was doing – was rape – but rape. He liked to say, “it’s not dad – but he’s dead.” He didn’t ever get over it. So they helped him “get’

over it. Sammy, and all the rest too – “get over it.”

When they raped – they were – Jon the carpetbagger…and all – lose is what they called it - but they couldn’t gain ever again. The people looked and decided. It was their decision, after Jon the carpetbagger, Sammy – and all raped. They were ragged for it.

He played promotion.

He didn’t ever learn promotion though. That’s why he was the King of “not.”

The magic and lessons he wanted to teach, even though he didn’t learn them. He wasn’t a student – but wanted to be one – looked at as one. It is the lesson of Jon the carpetbagger. He wanted to be looked at

as something he wasn’t, and promoted himself as – he didn’t realize the lie raped everyone…even himself.

He didn’t ever think he could become the magic, and the lesson.

Sight and sound. Begin was his answer. He wasn’t a part of something, he didn’t go to a top 100 college, so he didn’t know why the United Nations started…why that wasn’t the answer.

It’s why all the buildings – the “Ben” fell – all the buildings. All. Said, told – the story they told - he answered.

The farm fell – the business – the lesson…the Stock Market crashed –

he…was wrong…N way.

0-2,000 hit – it was over – t. Time was over.

It wasn’t “November Rain,” it helped, what Jon the carpetbagger did raped, and everyone died…he stole and used.

That’s why he became Andrew as some called him…and Kurt as other people called him. He started the 90’s again, when they didn’t count it, or him. He didn’t understand how to heal. That was the lesson of Jon the carpetbagger, he was a bottle cap. All they ever had to do was flip it off.

And they finally did…and the world survived because of it.

That was Jon the carpetbagger…he caused all of his teachers, and partners – who were on his side - to die too.

He was at the bottom – and triggered the whole house to burn down.

The furnace exploded. The basement blew up.

Jon the carpetbagger thought it was the right idea, and “November Rain” was wrong…but he was wrong. Not doesn’t work.

There was one person who knew him, but disagreed with him, and left. He knew, what you do, comes back ten-fold. Raping Amy came back, and

they all were.

Jon the carpetbagger didn’t believe that though…he believed you can gain from anything.

Jon the carpetbagger – Zeno walking – he thought he could undo anything…and prove it. He was wrong. Flames go out. The only thing you can ever do…is re-light them. Once the Candle’s wax burn away, you have to light a new candle. The old candle in the garbage, and “buried in the ground.”

You’re still white trash, if you were – when you were born – society is still the same as it was. The only difference is that it’s worse – and that’s the lesson that Jon the carpetbagger, and everyone else learned.

He started it – he and everyone had to deal with the outcome.

Jon the carpetbagger was still who he was – Zeno – making Zeno – without a lesson.

The Break. He was a clown. He thought he could create an answer, and the circus exploded.

That was Jon the carpetbagger.

Jon tried to create the greatest lie since Plato wrote about Socrates. Yeah was his answer.

He didn’t have heart, if he did…he would have cared about the future…and what would happen. He cared more about himself though.

Someone – the person who left – made a call one day, but his boss – not Sammy, didn’t care.

Jon wanted to be good people, and he died - and every “good people” - he looked down, from the bottom. He looked down on people above him. That was Jon the carpetbagger. So it rained on him, and every “good


He was poor, but made money, and wanted to forget who he was, but poor is – class is a law.

The same as not playing bocce when you’re not an Italian. The ball dies. The universe has levels.

Jon thought mushrooms was funny. Then 9/11 happened. Sammy thought it, Natalie thought it, Shauna thought it, and Anne thought it. They were Giants. How they wanted to be looked at. Tony even thought it

was funny. Explosions were funny to them. Brats.

Plays learn all, teach others. See love, you do there. Two worth different impressions. Died Jon the carpetbagger. Sammy the Jew – who gave Jews – the involve in Greece and Rome were. The audience wanted rain and hands – Jon and Sammy killed themselves to see different. That was their problem, that was the lesson. The audience

will see different.

U can suck dick repeats. That was the lesson – and they learned – they did. Each learned it.

Jon and each said they could send it, like this story being sent, and read by one person, and the person sending it, and it spreading – without them having it come back – the story returned, and it came back.

That’s why the buildings fell. They tried to send a lie. They sent it, and the original truth was sent. The original truth was received.

The people know the original truth.

They wouldn’t abide by the judge’s orders. They repeated Nietzsche. They questioned everything. Even the children. Thus they kept a secret, and sent it. The truth. They weren’t honest though.

They didn’t have executive “1st.” They tried to gain executive privilege. Without the consequences, and repercussions – they wanted to be 18, and 21 – without having to care about what happened.

When people said don’t involve yourself in other people’s lives, because you aren’t at that level – someone they knew, said if you do, something’s going to happen. When the buildings fell, they wanted to blame everyone else…but it was their fault. Jon The carpetbagger, and everyone else who was with him.

One threat was a lesson that a Christian once said,, and that they learned it from a Jew…and they might have even heard it from a Muslim. One threat causes one death, that can destroy the whole world. Cause and effect. Jon the carpetbagger, and the rest, didn’t want to accept this. The chain reactions that happens.

They all – especially Jon the carpetbagger – thought they were smarter than everyone – but they played a “not” on one, that was true. That’s where they caused the whole world to destroy itself. The whole world said, “it’s not true, “ and it became time. The world looked, and said, “We went through this once.” “Once was enough.”

Resurrecting uninspiring wasn’t acceptable, fortune willing.

As they say, death, life, love, with class. The world was halfway gone, when it looked, and said it was time to grow up.

Jon the carpetbagger, and all of his friends – who worked with him. There are hangers sometimes though – he wanted to screw them though – and expose like he had watched…and hated. He became hated for it…and all his friends too. The reason – and there aren’t that many reasons in the world, and as time goes on, there are fewer…and fewer. The world does watch though…and that was their answer. They killed every wife for what Jon, and Sam, and the rest did. They Romnied them.

They knew. This was wrong. We have to fix it. We have to resurrect the world.

They finally used the law, and explained the country establishment law. If you rape you own, you are raped by your parent. They explained rape isn’t sex – rape is – as defined…un-permitted, without authorization sex. They stated that approval can be taken away, but Jon the carpetbagger and everyone didn’t accept it – and then understood un-permitted, and authorization, and what approval is. The granting. The right to say yes, or no.

They didn’t accept no though, and lost for it – their decision. To have sex. To speak up, and lose. To disrespect class…and the world.

You light a building it can fall, you light a cigarette you can relax, you light – country it can burn. With no chance to resurrect.

How they started was the problem, they didn’t think anyone would get what they did. People understand how though.

They tried to gain without loss. Everyone has a director, as the entertainment industry says. When you leave out one thing – and rape it…it does come back to haunt you. As the saying goes, a contract is law, a bridal party is a religious honor.

Legal rights are law, religious rights are not, the not owned. They are not law. They can be taken away. That’s why the world figured out they were using religion. That’s why they used evidence to win the verdict. Legally, the world was right. If laws can not be made for religion, then breaking the law can cause religious rights to be taken away.

That’s why Jon the carpetbagger and everyone lost their rights. The law gives you the rights. It’s why Frank Sinatra was wrong. Love Letters are evidence.

A love letter can be used to convict, the same as any piece of evidence. Like any type of media.

It can rape the rapist…even Jon the carpetbagger. Parents, and grandkids are media that can be used like dead parents – who break the law, and grandkids who lied about who they were on the internet…or a girl who lies about what she did, or a homo who won’t admit it. Or a kid who tried to take his uncle’s career.

It’s all the same as a Christian trying to make the bible the constitution…that’s who Jon the carpetbagger was…and Sammy the Jew was with the Torah.

It’s why the Carpetbagger Jon and everyone died when the buildings fell.

They broke the law, and were convicted. He couldn’t ever have his own month.

It’s why they don’t trust Alabamians in today’s society…and forever. Always a law for the rest of eternity – you must give up. Nickels aren’t worth anything…and anyone who married them becomes smaller then they may have been before judged. Buildings do matter to the creator, they don’t to the carpetbagger, all he cares about, and did, is money.

David is an award winning writer and director, who graduated Stony Brook University, and is a former President of SBUTV when he was there, being one of the founders. He also graduated the Academy of Art University, with a Masters, having studied under author Holly Payne, and is currently a screenwriter, having recently won a few awards, working on his directing career, and having already finished work on an autobiography.


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