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      Will my patient b Ever Rewarded :(


I love him more dan anything he means everything to me....It all started with friendship.... hanging-out together partying together.... On the 10th of August he proposed me. I wz over d moon....Everything wz going well, our engagement date wz also fixed. On the 14th of Sep he came to c me we were really happy, we spnt time together n he wnt hme arnd 8pm i received a call he said his parents r nt happy, they are against his decision. My parents said d same line. My happiness felt in pieces.My world fell apart. I cried fr him in pain.Till today i m luking fr d reason y every1 is against our decision.... today its been 6 months we never met, bt i miss n love him d way as i alwyz did n will alwyz do. Will he ever cum bck in my life, will my patience b ever rewarded.... I will love u till my last breath :)



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