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I was in 5th grade and so was he. He asked me out and I said yes, later on in that year another boy asked he out and I dumped Zach for him because he was cooler looking. Zach was crushed.

I found out that the guy that I dumped Zach for was not the one that I wanted to even hang around with. I'm going into 8th grade now and me and Zach have been going out for a few months but now he is shy, uneasy, and too tense around me because he is scared that I'll break up with him. It's really hard to talk to him now. He thinks that I don't like him as himself he tries to act like someone else around me.

Don't mess up like I did. Just because someone told you or to, or asked you to break up with someone else, it is your choice but if you try to go back to the way things were it won't work well.


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