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      Your love saved me.


I smile unconsciously when I catch your eye. For the first time in forever the corners of my mouth lift up by themselves. The smile that I give you is genuine. Itís like magic.

And maybe you are the magician.

You lean across the table and quickly kiss me on the lips before receding back to your seat.

You look at my and smile childishly, looking like a child who had just done something they werenít supposed to.

You smile at me and I feel my breathing stop for a second. I never told you that your smile always seems to take my breath away.

You and I stare at each other for a bit longer and I feel myself getting lost in your eyes. Losing myself in you big, dark, brown eyes. You have the most beautiful eyes.

And then suddenly you break the connection by poking out your tongue at me. I roll my eyes and shake my head at you, but I am laughing at the same time.

I slide my hand across the table and place it onto of yours. You face your palm up and lace your fingers through mine, holding on tightly.

And I wonder how such a small action could make me feel safer.

I catch your eye again and my heart skips a beat.

And before I know its happening- I am falling. Hopelessly, helplessly falling for you. Falling in love with you for the hundredth time.

And each time seems to feel like the first.

I begin to lean over to kiss you and you meet me half way, like your thoughts are in sync with mine.

I press my lips to your soft, warm ones, as I feel my eyes slip close.

I am falling for you, but I am not afraid because I know that no matter how many times I fall, you will always be there to catch me. Always.

We pull back and we donít need to say those three words to know that weíre thinking the same thing,

And suddenly the urge is too strong, I stand up and stand next to you, my arms open, ready to put my missing puzzle piece into its place so that I would be complete.

I love it how you fit perfectly into my arms, the way you fit against my body completely, like it was meant to be there.

I love how you feel so familiar in my arms, like Iíve been holding you for a hundred years.

Like Iíve never let go.

ďI love you,Ē I say, looking into your eyes, my heart racing as I pull you closer because close will never be close quite close enough.

ďI love you too,Ē you say and I know that you mean it. You arenít like everyone else.

My hand comes up to cup your cheek and I bring our lips together once again. I feel you smile into the kiss and my lips copy yours.

After all, you are my magician.

The press of your lips feel like a promise. A promise of love, of a best friend, of a wife, of a soul mate.

A promise of eternity.

We part when we run out of air and when I look into your eyes, I see my soul staring back. I see my whole world. My everything.

Iíve never fit in anywhere on this Earth and all my life, I never thought I would. I never thought there would be any place to call my own.

But you- youíve always felt like home.


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