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      The Best Friend


The best fried who was always there for me, who loves me more than anyone else do. The guy I cling on to, I run for support, for affection, for happiness. The guy that never realized how much I love him. And he comes around one day, telling me hes so into this girl, and hes getting together with her. And the only thing that I could do was to smile, and be happy for him. Though deep inside God knows how much it hurts. Ive been here for you all this while, why cant you ever see me? But I guess, in the end, I only pray for your happy ending. Not mine. And now that Im far away, at a different continent, trying to work out our friendship. And you, juggling your life, your girlfriend, and me. I guess, in the end, I can foresee the not so far off future. That Id end up being alone. Id end up not being your number one. As I used to be. Things are hard. But regardless. I still love you. And that sucks.



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