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      Just a Year of becoming stronger


I am 17 years of age. I know young right, yet I strongly belive that you can meet your first love young. I was a freshman when I first met him. Great looking senior, popular, athletic, MVP, smart guy 3.7 GPA, Captain of the varsity team, what more could a girl ask for right?, Wrong. this was just his image his repuataion?, I knew him deep down. alot of resentment towards his family father mother, he was still torn with the situation he was in. I would have never imagened him setting eyes on me. a total annoying freshman.akward phase, i guess still trying to find myself. I was very much scared to get into a relationshp with him, but he wasnt ashamed, he would even brag about being sprung off a freshman.. we fell in love or so we thought we were in love. College for him was okay in the beging still loved me. I remember girls asking him who his girlfriend was, and he would say she happly in highschool right now a sophmore. and the girls would almost always say wow she must be a amamzing beautful little girl and he would just smile. ha i have no idea what exactly happen between us but we both changed ended it and nothing more. yet its been a year, i can say im barely starting to pick myself up. this past year i have no idea how i got thorugh it without him it has been a painful year of not talking or even seeing him around. I dont know if im heart broken still but i know ill be okay i just hope one day we might be able to talk again. and maybe reccendal the flame? this year i overcame loosing someone. and i know my heart will never be the same but ill be okay :)


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