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      Forever and Always


Everything began when she first thirteen. Still blooming, the young girl, Miracle, walked proudly of the halls of her middle school. She had a rather petite figure, long brown wavy hair, and the most beautiful hazel eyes. She didn’t trust anyone, although very popular due to her “out-going” personality, she was truly never smiling. She hid her feelings very well, many wished to be someone like her, not knowing the real her. She was the “Dr. Phil”, of her friends, helping others with their personal issues, but they never asked about hers. They assumed she didn’t have any, considering she was so “cheerful”.

Everyday, she walked slowly, hoping for something that would change her life, she dreaded the days when she went to school. She hated all of the fake smiles, all of the insincerities, the lies. She felt disgusted with herself for not telling of her true feelings. A month after the start of the school, she had a transfer in her elective class, due to a school change. He was extremely cute, especially when he smiled. Her face flushed whenever he laughed at her jokes. Soon, she sound herself talking to him more and more, getting jealous of how he was popular with a certain group of girls, and she began to get more and more dreams about him. Seeing his texts and IMs, made her smile instantly.

Abruptly, her friends noticed that Miracle had developed feelings for the transfer, Tony, and they shot the idea straight down of her going out with him. Ignoring her friends warnings, she continued to like Vincent, which grew into love. One day, as she was about to head home, she saw Vincent. About to call his name out, she opening the door, only to see Tony being scolded by his father, for dropping his studies to talk to Miracle.

Shocked and humiliated, Miracle ran straight to her house, through the pouring rain. She finally got into her house, although soaked from the rain, she slammed the door loudly behind her and ran to her room. Her mother knocked on the door and asked if she was okay, only to have no answer. Miracle slumped down at the door and tears spilled out. After she cried until tears came no more, she changed out of her soaked clothes and took a shower. She thought about how she had been holding him back, and how he knew that she was stopping his studies yet he chose her over it.

Feeling as if was a terrible person, she quickly got out of the shower, dried herself, and put on her clothes. She sat on her bed and thought of all times she did bad things. She quickly called Tony and told her all of her lies, her fake smiles and how much she truly loved him. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she said,

“I…I love you…Tony…but I can‘t keep h-holding you back…So…please, forget about me, live your life…o-o-okay? I-I-I-t‘s time to say goodbye…”

Tears streamed down her cheeks and before she could hear him say anything, she hung up. The next day, she avoided him with all costs. Months past, years slowly moved, but she still thought about him. She soon found a boyfriend who was rather tall, had auburn hair and blue eyes. One day, she found out that Tony had passed on. He’d been shot in the heart by himself. Her eyes watered with tears and she cried and cried, Tony’s mother had given her a note Tony had left for her.

“Dear Miracle,

I can‘t live without you. My days are bitter and cold when I don’t see you smiling. My world ended when you told me goodbye and told me to forget you. There was not one day I didn‘t think about you. I told you I‘d die if I didn‘t have you, and I‘ll keep that promise.

Forever and Always, Love,

Tony ”

Miracle cried and cried till tears wouldn’t come out anymore. She broke up with her boyfriend and she treasured that note. She had kept the picture that she had taken with Tony when they were together. She decided to live the rest of her life single, forever and always, loving Tony.


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