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      A teacher and a student


hi my name is kittie this ii my love story

i was a transffer student , i walked in class for the fist time . there was a sub that day for some reason all the girls looked sad .they told me about there teacher how he was so hot , but no one can get close to him relation ship wise. i wanted to meet ths teacher. the next day i came to school i intered the clss and saw im . WOW was what i thout, the girls told me he was 23years old. i was 17. he was so hansome he has black hair green eyes he is tan . the hole time in clss i spaced out becuese i alredy know this stuff. the bell rings he dissmised us and tells me to stay behind . he tells me that i should pay atention instead of spacing out i told him that i alredy know this stuff so h gave me a hole buch of homework . i didnt do it. the next day i go to school but skip the rest after lunch when the school bell rang i came out from hiding and bumoed into him . he looked angry i was kind scred. he tells me to get my stuff and to go home . whaen i got my stuff he ifront of the door . he sied that hell drop me off. the hole intiere time in the car my heart didnt stop betting it was so fast . i start to look out the window to get my mind to stop thinking and my heart can calm down. it didnt work .finally i see my house he stops the car i get out and say thank you he said that i better come to school the next day and stay in class. i said ok he took out his pinkey and siad"ou swear yoll come tomorrow" i bind my pinky with his after that he left but i still felt that warmth on my pinkey. afetr that i started to stop skipping and start going to class me and him started to talk more and more. one day i stayed after school for soccer try outs and he offerd to drop me off ofcouse i said yes. in that car it smelled like ciggeret i kinda liked it an then he started to smoke . he lokked so cool that was when my heart skiped a beat and i thought to myself I LOVE HIM. he droped me off and gave me a kiss on the cheek. he left but even after he lefted i felt that warmth of his on my cheek. the next day was the day before my birth day . i dicided to tell him that i love him i was turning 18. so after try out he offered the ride home and i sied yes. when we got in the car and drov away from school i told him that i lovd him over and over again he didnt say one word during the ole ride i started to cry cuase he didnt respone to me. them when we got home . he said i like you more than a student but i cant share these feeling until tomorrow . he told me "TOMORROW WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO ON A DATE WITH ME " i was shoked cuse tomorrow theres school but said yeas so on my birth day we went on a date and it was the best day of my life . he told me he loed me from the moment he saw me but coulnt do any ting cuase of my age also the stuent teacher polesy . i told him i loved him no matter wat roles we have to break he finlly told me those sweet words ILOVE YOU . he told me after graduation to prepare be cuse hes been waiting for me for a while . i told him ok.O THE DAY I GRADUATED WE HAD SEX AND HE WAS VERY GENTLE CUASE HE WAS MY FIRST AND NOW MY ONLY.


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