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      Will you come back to me? MIRC


It was Sunday (March, 2010)..After mass, I went to the internet cafe and chatted..

I met this guy in MIRC.He asked my mobile number and then we started texting..He courted me through text.He used to call me on phone..

After a few days, we decided to meet in person.We on April 1,2010 at a Department Store in my town..Though I did trust him,I asked his valid ID for my safety.

We ate in a restaurant then we went to a plaza in my town.

The,he visited me and he met my parents.

We used to attend mass on Sundays.

After a couple of months he went to Manila for a training.

With the helped of our Almighty God, he was able to pass the test during his training.

Now, he is currently working in Dubai.His contract is 2 years.

I am now waiting for him to come back in Cebu and to marry me..

Do you think he will come back and marry me?

We keep in touch with each other until now.

I really love him. I hope he is true to me...


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