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      Her first love


It all started when she was just 15.She was not a very outgoing person, kinda kept to herself and only talked to close friends. But then it happened...she saw him and his smile and heard that voice of his.So through friends and everything they got together. They began talking and sharing of themselves. The more they talked the more she knew she was falling for him.they were together every chance they had,talking on the phone never want to let the other go. They would even exchange letters quite often.

Her emotions were going out of control.She wasnt sure what was going on. She had never felt anything like this. She just knew this had to be love. But everyone kept telling her she was to young to really know what love was all about.But for a while she ignored all of this. Because she knew she was in love with him and she was almost sure he felt the same for her.

But then one day she began to feel very insecure and wonder if what everyone was saying was true...that she was too young and maybe he deserved someone better. Truly all she wanted was for him to be happy.So because of crazy circumstances with parents not wanting them to be together..

She decide to end things. She felt she had no other choice.

so she told him she couldnt see him anymore and they should see other people. He didnt know it but this was truly the hardest thing she ever had to do. She thought she would die of a broken heart but it didnt matter because without him she didnt want to live anyway. She couldnt believe what she had done..but she thought it was for the best for him.Because asking him to wait for her seemed so unfair and selfish.

She wasnt quite sure where to go from here. Her heart was broken ..because of her own doing. She was so confused day she was happier than she could have ever imagined and now she was sadder than ever.her first true love was gone ,probably for good.

She decide to try and maske the best of things and try to be as normal as she could. She even started talking to other guys and things, just hoping that something or someone would help take the pain away. of coure nothing helped. But by now she had gotten pretty good at pretending so noone even knew of her broken heart.

By now it had been several months ,even years and she was still dreaming of him and wondering where he was , if he was ok and did he even think about her at all or had he found someone else to love.After all he didnt know of her feelings for him and she made it seem so easy to let him go.but she always hoped and dreamed that he would come back for her.

It has now been 25 yrs. or so since she last saw him.

she has been married and divorced with three daughters and now she is married again. He is married with two daughters. She was told that his marriage is not going good and they are about to be seperated.

And now after all these years he found her on facebook, of all places.She couldnt believe it after all these years. She also found out that he never really stopped thinking about her and that he was always there and she just didnt know it . But now what do they do? Its kind of obvious that they still love each other after everything they have been through over the years.But they are both committed to someone else. She is still so confused... but for now she is just enjoying getting to know him again and just talking ...nothing else matters right now ...her first true love has found her again. :)


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