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      Messed up life


i met this one dude a long time ago at church. he and i never really talked. he was hot, popular, and many other things. i was just some girl that was smart and innocent. i always made good grades and never failed and i always made my parents proud of me. he made bad grades, drank, did drugs, stayed out late at night, and mad his grandparents mad. we was never the kind right people for each other.

one day the church went to camp and i went too soo did him. when we got there we went to this place and then he asked me for my number. so i gave it to him and then we went back to the guys condo and i was layin on the floor and i got an text from someone and it said "i think ur cute" and then after a few texts he told me it was him. we text for a long time that night and then he asked me out. i told him yes and then thats when it all happened! my life was crashed by a blonde headed guy.

well we dated fro about a week i fell head over heels in love with him and he just cheated on me! i was sooo devestaed and depressed. he kept sayin how he loved me and all. then he broke up with me! i was sooo sad i cried myself to sleep all the time. then i left to florida for about a month to visit someone and he was texting me all kinds of bullcrapp and sayin he loved me and how sorry he was and that he needed me. i finaly told him after what was about a month that i forgave him. when i got back home he asked me out.

well we dated for about another week. then he told me all kinds of lies about how he loved me but we needed to break up. i told him that we can still be friends but if u ever ask me out again i am goin to have to give u a big " NO! " and he was like i still love u. i said i still love u but i have been hurt many times by u i wont be the blame anymore. than we still talked but he has not asked me out again.

i still love him and i miss him a lot but never again will i let him do that to me i cant deal with the pain it caused me!!!


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