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      The pineapple under the sea


She was drawn to him the moment she laid eyes on him - for reasons which still can not be explained. - it was a magnetic attraction.

Without a care in the world she approached she chatted away to him like he was her best friend, and it was this moment that this little story began.....

He was the quiet reserved shy type, and she was the vivacious beautiful and carefree miss.

He fell for her immediately but could not tell her and she was too reckless with her heart to know....

years went by and they became inseperable, jokes laughter the good times, the great times and the plain stupid.

a special bond was built that could never be broken.... he asked her to marry her and she said yes.

.... this is where the story changes and a fork in the road appeared..... the girl lost the love of her life due to a mean mum never truely accepting her.

She watched him slip away out of sight and out of reach. Her heart breaks for him.... but his memory makes her smile.

She Still waits by the Pineapple Under the Sea waiting for her everything to return.


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