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      Incomplete love story


I dont belive in love from my childhood, but when i was in graduation i met a person who is 8 years older than me and he was my naghoubr , he didnt propose me but he showed interest on me very much i feel this is love and i told the same thing to my parents that i want to marry to that guy pls talk to their parents , when my parents talked to his parents they told no for our marrige and that boy also agree for that no and after that he got married to other girl immidiatly.and i came to know he was just playing with me before and that time i feel like fool.

Second I met one boy who is from my common friends, when i joined my first job, He propsed me and i feel like he is a true person bcs all my common friends are telling good for that guy, and we had a relation of 1 hr and always i asked him will he marry me or not always his answer is so confusing i am unable to understand, and i got to know from one of his common friend that he is just playing with me then i leave that boy.

Third i met one boy through chatting , we became friends and he liked me so much he propsed me without seeing me, and when we met it like........, he is so handsome and i am nothing infront of him, then we both thought it is not going to work anymore, so it was a mutual decession to get apart.but he is a true boy, he told infront on my face.

After all this thing happen to my life i deceided not to go for any kind of relationship except marrige .

and i was quite happy at that time by mainting a single life with frinds , good job, no problems, happy.

and after 1 year one of my colluge suddenly asked me for my no, i never talked a lot people in my office, i just know that person that he is working with me in some other dept, he asked for my no i gave and when i went for my home town he gave a masg happy journey, then we started talikg to each other only office stuffs like a friend, he is a very simple nice person,we both like each other as friends and we talked a lot with each other and share everything but when this friendship turned in love we both also dont know, but we realse that we love each other like anything, but from the staring he told me that their parents are not going to accet me at anycost bcs i am from different cast and he canot go from his family.after 3 years realtionship he thought that at least he should try to convince his family for this realtionship, and when he told this thing to his family everything was finish within four month, his family did emotional blakmail so much he got married to othergirl whom he didnt see before marrige also . and he got marrige infront of me and i cant do anything, now i am unable to stay without him but now its too late , i feel like i am going through hell everyday, and asking god that why it happen everytime to me a incomplete love story. why it happens to me , why.

i want this answer, pls


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