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i met a girl who goes to my school she is younger than me but by 3 yrs she was amazing everything i was looking for. im always shy around girls but she thinks its adorable so she calles me to the bathroom we sit in there and talk and i walk her back to class and i she asks for a hug omg i thought i was in heaven we jus stood there hugging for like 3 mins when i got home i couldnt stop thinking about her wanting to hang with her so i go to a friends talking to her on the phone she tells me to meet her at an ice cream place so i go there she wasnt there so my friend and i get some ice cream and chill for about a half hour and thn i call her asking where she is and she said o can you meet me at walmart so we walk over there and i couldnt find her so i call her and she ignores the call so knowing i was stood up my friend and i leave i get home and get online and i talk to my other friend who says that they over heard her and someone else saying how she really doesnt like me so what do i do? i mean she acts like she likes me when were alone but when were not she doesnt wana have anything todo with me wtf????


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