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      And the dream ended



She was joyful, beauty with brains, different nature, vivacious she was amazing. The girl I am talking about was doing her MBA. But rather than saying that she was not made for MBA I can better put the words that MBA was not made for her. She had a different aspirations, she wanted to live in world that she dreamed for. You want to know what she wanted to do. She wanted to start her own spa center. Whenever she used to describe her passion her face used to glow, her eyes twinkle. Her dream used to take her breath away. Well this is small intro of this girl next door.

While pursuing what she never wanted to pursue she met a yank, yes I am talking about boy who stepped in her life. There was nothing special about this boy, but yes there was something that attracted this girl. She liked his company sometimes and sometimes not. It was up and down. Though they used to spend most of time together. Teasing each other, parsing each other and off course fighting with each other as well. They were in love, but for girl it was difficult to understand whether she is actually in love with this monkey or not. By the way I remember the pet name of this boy was monkey, this title was given to this boy by this beautiful girl.

Ready to do anything for his love, highly passionate for this girl the boy saw lot of dreams with his love. They went on and on. Very close to each other the girl certainly realized that this boy has become an important part of her life. Though she never showed that she is in love, she tried to ignore a lot but some where her heart was not ready to witness that she is not in love. Things were going great both of them where two bodies with one soul. They started understanding each other that none of them was able to hide anything from each other. Believe me this was the best of couple that god creates and that too rarely . You know what was best about this girl she was clear hearted and best about this boy was his love for that girl. This charming girl used to share every problem of her with this boy now and he used to do his best to solve her problems and always used to cheer her up with his bad sense of humor. She was girl that words are just lifeless to express her. May be you may feel sad but this is just a dream of that girl and she just woke up. In her dream she spent a year with this boy . The boy was nothing just a fictional character that this girl actually wanted to be in reality. Someone she could share her joy and grief, happiness and sadness. I don’t know what she will do now , but I wish she gets someone she wanted to have with her …..


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