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      Lessons in true love sometimes means letting go


I met him online in my usual hangout, the music rooms where I loved to sing and listen to others sing also... The First Time I heard his voice I thought, wow I could listen to him all day so I private messaged him and told him he did an excellent job and he replied back "well you don't do a bad job yourself!", then we exchanged info and found out we were only a few cities away and that is where it all started and the beginning of some fantastic love exchanging.

We fell head over heels In love. The first time we met face to face it was like heaven... Every other weekend I would sneak away to be with him, he spoiled me so much he made me feel like someone real special.

As time continued our love grew stronger than anything I had ever experienced. We were both 38 yrs old and we had so much in common we even wrote songs together and sang them but something was wrong, I could feel it and he tried so hard not to show it.

One Day he finally opened up and told me his children who lived 6 states away wanted him to come home. They hadn't had their Dad for 5 yrs and he had missed his daughters sweet 16's he was all confused and sad and torn up inside and right there I knew what I had to do.

I told him how much I loved him and how I will never forget him and then I released him. Even though he didn't want to lose me I knew he belonged where his dues are owed and I was the least important due in my eyes.

I still Hurt when I think of what we could have had and sometimes I think "oh my God, what did I do?", but then this peaceful feeling settles in and I know for sure it wasn't all for nothing I really got the real lesson of true complete love because sometimes when you Love somebody as much as I loved Rick you have to let him go so he can grow and become Happy.

I will never regret my decision, who knows maybe someday I will get my reward but I am not looking for any, just like I was never looking for him but I found him didn't I!

Maybe someday someone will find me.


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