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well it all started in high school. I started noticing this beautiful smile. As the days when by this beautiful smile i saw everyday started to turn into a crush. So it was the summer she had left for vacations. When we got back to school i couldnt wait to see her again the first day when by..... Nothing from her then one of her friends told me tht she was still away and didnt noe when she was coming back so weeks went by and she finally came back my heart was jumping of joy(: i saw her and fell in love with her smile. So days when by and months so one day i decide to tell her how i feel im a really shy person so i was kinda drunk when i first told her i dnt noe if she belived me or wat! Well i asked my other friend tht wat did she say or think of wat i said and she resoned well she told me she only sees you as a friend and tht broke my heart. So days go by weeks months and i decide to tell her tht my feelings where still there for her she said tht she always new tht so she turned and kissed me i was the most happiest person in thee world(: but the next day everything went bad and nothing so i decide to stop letting my self get hurt so i tried avoiding her even tho every where i go i wished i would see her. Well up to this point she is still the love of my life and will always be hopefully someday she realizes tht i do love her and decides to give me a chance.....


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