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      Never stopped


I met you almost four years ago, and we hardly knew each other. Just someone you happened to sit next to in class. All I knew about you was how hot you were, and that I should get to know you. You were one year older than me, held back a year. But by no means stupid.

The next year, we sat next to each other in every class. We got to know each other, and flirting started. I flirted with you and you with me, but nothing serious. You always told me how beautiful I was, how my writing was amazing. I was head-over-heels in love with you.

We went out for a while, until you broke up with me. You went to another girl. I was heartbroken, and I never thought I would ever like someone again.

Thats not true. I did like someone else. But I still love you.


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