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      My heartache story


Well, this happened not too long ago, Iím still not sure if itís true yet but taking a look from the past till now it all seems to be possibly true. My ex-girlfriend and I broke up just about a month ago. Why we broke up was because she finally saw a true part of me which she hasnít seen before and that was that I was a little too immature, dependent, and I donít talk much; something which is completely opposite of her. I couldnít help it; I am the youngest son out of the family and 2nd youngest child so I was spoiled. But I have only begun to realize the truth to why she broke up with me. I donít think she, herself, have realized this yet but only I did, but I have not yet truly confirm this. Well, after we broke up, a month later she started to text my older brother, and I mean everyday and not just text it was more like flirting. I know her, for 3 years, I know that she was flirting with my older brother, he might have realized this as well but he still text her back to be nice (I think). Right at that moment I have just begun to notice the fact that I was used by her, which pissed me off because I was used as a replacement my older brother during the time I dated her. I mean ďmy older brother?Ē If it was any other guy I wouldnít be as pissed off as I am now but ďmy older brother?Ē WowÖ that hurts, but I should have realized it way back then when I didnít even know her yet. It started 4 years ago, during high school when I was still a freshman (sheís the same age as me and my older brother was a junior then). She liked my brother ever since then and he liked her too. During my sophomore year (my brother is now senior), my brother confessed to her and she avoided him for a month (donít know why even though she liked him). My brother took this as a rejection and decided to move on. He hooked up with this girl he met not too long ago and word got out and she (my ex) heard of it. She was heartbroken. Why I knew this was because I saw it in her eyes; I was always the observing type so I knew what she was going through. Thatís when she started talking to me out of nowhere. As time passed (now junior year), I started developing feelings for her and so did she for me. But we both have no idea why we liked each other and wanted to stay out of a relationship until we figure out why we liked each other. Then her sisters told me to just ask her out since she never had a boyfriend before, which was a bad idea because out of all my relationships I had, people had always told me to ask them out and I did which always ended up bad. I should have taken notice of this but it was high school might as well try and enjoy it and so I asked her out. She said yes. We hit it off really good for 7 months but broke up then (donít know why), but both of us couldnít accept the fact that we broke up and we just hung around and act like nothing ever happened. We didnít get back together but we just stayed together. Until last month when we broke up because of the reasons I listed a while ago. My older brother (whom I look like) was completely the opposite from meí I was a little immature, donít talk much about anything, and dependent which he was all of those and that was the characteristics she was looking for in her significant other. But yes, after a month, after the break up, she started texting and flirting with my older brother again. And thatís when I realized that I was being used; used to replace the feelings and longing of her for my older brother. I thought this only happened in movies and dramas but it was happening right before my eys. Man was I pissed off, I donít think I can ever forgive her and look at her the same way. I didnít want to do anything that involved her in it. I just wished I could erase last year or her out of my memory. That broke my heart knowing that the girl I liked so much, left me for my older brother. More like, was I ever anything to her? Was all the stuff she said a lie? Every time I hear a text from my brotherís phone or someone brings her up my heart feels like it just died again and my head begins to feel like it is exploding. Iím a kind hearted person so I feel as if I should forgive her and let it go, but this hurts a lot. Itís going to leave a deep scar in my heart for the rest of my life. I donít hate her for using me, but I do really dislike her now, she probably isnít even aware of what sheís done and doing. No one does, besides me that someone who knows her or should I say ďknew her.Ē Well, Iím glad I got this out of my chest and having people read this.


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