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      I Met My True Love


I met my one true love when I was in college hence at that time we were just classmates/schoolmates and was not attracted to each other. Time flies, after 10 years we had communication, exchanging messages to each other but didnít push through to a more serious relationship.

I was surprise one day when he sent me a message online asking how am I and if we could meet to chat. I then decided to give it a try anyway itís been a long time that heís been trying to probe his feelings to me. We started going out learned about each otherís past. Both of us are in a relationship a few years back. But now both of us are happy, enjoying each otherís company.

He courted me, treated me the way I really dreamt of and felt his love all the time that we were together. It was the first time I felt this way to a person and was loved in return. We were so happy, we have plans for the future, laugh at it and he even suggests to save and get married. I was so excited when I heard those to him. But sometimes good things come to an end.

He just walked away with me without saying a word, I waited for him to come back, swallowed my pride and tried to reach out but he doesnít replied to my message and ignored my calls. I just want him to know that I loved him so much and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

After 15 years of waiting we just end up like that and now he has a family of his own. It never came into my mind that he will tie a knot to any girl coz all I want from him is his commitment. Thou I donít have regret in loving him even in the simplest way; he just didnít give me a chance to prove to him how much he mean to me. He just canít wait for me since I still have a lot of dreams to be fulfilled and responsibilities to attend to.

One by one, I achieved my goals hence the consequence of those are not having you forever. I understand what happened to us and I will always willÖ Take care cheesecake, you will always be my Dee foreverÖ Nikhil


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